Assassin's Creed Unity – Story Trailer

Follow Arno Dorian as he enters the world of his father’s brotherhood in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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  1. I liked the game, but it wasn't the greatest. I did like that they tried to go back to the roots and also tried to give us a womanizer like ezio that joined the brotherhood after a traumatic experience.
    But it felt lacking regarding his story, just didnt leave me crying like it did with ezio or edward kenway. But to be fair there was a lot going on in his game.

  2. Haven't played the game yet but I'm disappointed all the characters don't all have French accents when everyone in Ezio's games had Italian accents!!

  3. Belec should’ve been the final boss…but all in all I enjoyed this game. The mechanics especially were so good.

  4. I played this game in 2020 and it still so incredible , I guess after 20 years people are gonna still love this game , so I request Ubisoft to please create a remastered version for this game or a remake of story , instead of thinking about black flag 2.

  5. The story of the game is good the weapons awesome the only thing is I hate the weapon layout you should be able to use the hidden blade in battle and carry both sword and a weapon on back if long or heavy use pistol if rifle no pistol

  6. At first I didn't liked at all this game, but after games that are no longer Assassin's Creed, this made me feel almost the same as myself with 12 years old discovering Assassin's Creed 2

  7. TFW you’re Assassin’s Creed Unity, almost 8 years old, and still have the best graphics in the series that has 4 more games afterwards

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