Alien: Isolation – Launch Trailer

Join Amanda Ripley as she searches for answers about her mother’s disappearance, and meets some friends along the way. Wait, not friends, terrifying aliens.

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  1. I'm playing this during Lockdown #6 for Melbourne, Victoria – Australia.. Haven't finished it yet but damn …this is a awesome game!!!!!!

  2. By far the scariest game I own. At least in Dead Space you can kill/dismember most enemies. Nothing puts the fear of the cold void in you quite like facing down a xenomorph while charging up an improvised coilgun capable of punching a hole through a Working Joe only to see the fucking slug deflect.

  3. One of the best survival horror games, and chapter to the Alien series. Helped bridge some of the unanswered questions between Alien and Aliens. Running and hiding from the xenomorph brought a whole new level of terror unlike any game has ever done before.

  4. Im just here to say that this game is a masterpiece, the best ever in its category. The attention to details, the sound and visual environment, the lenght of the game, everything is perfect. No game is more atmospheric than Alien Isolation. NONE!!

  5. in 2022. I think Fox has a basis for a movie here, if not a 3 part "miniseries."
    1) Cast Kristin Stewart as Amanda.
    2) keep the retrofuture aesthetic and consult Duncan Jones on tone and the best FX people.
    3) keep it self contained. F*** call backs and overt fan service.
    4) admit in 2022 Alien 3 was better than Covenant. (it was. It had pete postelthwaite and tapped the survival drama later media did like Walking Dead. It was a good film. Just after Aliens a letdown. Today do a Walking Dead style Alien it'll get better reception)

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