Train Simulator 2015 – Launch Trailer

Train Simulator 2015, a train simulation game from Dovetail Games, launches today.

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  1. The best train simulator there is and I bought 4 add ons yesterday Pacific A4s, A1 Tornado, Castle Class and Settle & Carlise specials pack and i love them all and I love this game.

  2. So, I checked the game out on Steam. I'm not interested in the game really, but if you look at the DLC, they have quite a lot. Over 220 actually. And if you were to buy it all, it comes to a total of $4,604.79. Just for DLC alone. They are definitely making some sweet cash with this one.

  3. This just worries me that this company Dovetails will be taking on the rights of Microsoft Flight Simulator X… Their work on the train sim looks really poor, and it just worries me that Flight Simulator will not be as improved as expected to be if they do release it… I hope they have some plans and good graphic masters to make it all realistic

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