Total War: Rome II – Imperator Augustus DLC Trailer

The Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack is a free download available September 16 for Total War: Rome II owners.

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  1. Without a doubt, the most moving TWR2 trailer in my view. The music in particular is… pertinent to many moments in history, including our own.

  2. Блин. Я хочу поиграть в эту игру. Но секта паши дурафа не дает играть.

  3. Octavian in the trailer: Leading armies like Caesar
    Octavian irl: oooh yeah no I'm feeling pretty sick today, but maybe next time.

  4. Still to this day one of the best trailers for a game ive seen. "I'm not caeser I don't have his strength" For rome to Survive it must have an emperor! i just always think about the weight on Octavians Shoudlers one of most unsung heros in history. Just as great as Caeser was in his own right.

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