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Nvidia brings Maxwell to its flagship GPU series with the $549 GTX 980. While it bests the mighty 780 Ti in most benchmarks, the GTX 980 is more about power efficiency than it is pixel-pushing performance.

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  1. I ate the bullet and bought one of these. It's pretty nice upgrade from GTX 660 Ti and that low wattage for the magnificent performance is just great and yeah again it's way more expensive in euros than us dollars or british pounds. 599€ which is about $760 or £470.

  2. Idk pc should slow down..every week..month come out new specs you cannot deal with that why pc isnt like consoles…gpu proccesors gets out every 1-2-3 years now like 1-2-3 week

  3. Got the card and I love it
    its a monster
    I like the way I can run older games in 4k on a 1080p screen, makes them look sharper
    skyrim look new, same with bf3 and warthunder

    the blower is silent even at 70%
    good card but a tad to much ££$$

    only think is gpuz wont save the bios, it slows down, stops the fan the locks up
    I wanted to save the bios, flash it with a asus bios so the mobo bios and software could talk to the card

  4. I really hate when companies like gamespot come out with videos that they have not a clue what the fuck they are talking about "low wattage is attractive" NO LOW WATTAGE MEANS OVERCLOCKING DREAM U NUMBNUTS i literally got this sucker to 1600mhz with my liquid setup on it, STABLE, thats why they set it sow low wattage these maxwells are designed for OC performance.

  5. Hi, i have a build with an AMD  7770, 8gb ram, 550watt  and and i5 44…. something .. if i buy MB F2A88XM-D3H (FM2+,A88X,m-ATX) with this CPU AMD A10 7850k (FM2+,4.0 GHz,4Mb) with 233 euros (in greece) will it boost my performance ? pls i need and answer

  6. I have a gtx 660 and an i7 and 12 gb of ram should i get this card? IF so, would i need to buy something more? Please respond anyone who are good with PC specs

  7. the problem with nvidia for me is after updating to the latest firmware it renders to disables my mouse and some usb devices all my plug and play devices are rendered useless.

  8. Yes that definitely is a bias statement. I owned a 780 ti for a couple months but sold it because I wanted more vram. Bought an xfx DD 290x and it performed much smoother in bf4 and pretty much equally in most other games. The 780 ti uses almost as much power too, everyone on nvidias dick at all times It seems.

  9. I upgraded to this card from a 2gb 1050 superclock edition.
    It’s a massive upgrade for me and more Han double the power.
    It does everything I need a gpu to do

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