Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Season Pass Trailer

Pick up the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor season pass for new orc-busting missions, Trials of War, and skins.

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  1. yarr harr fidelty dee, being a pirate is allright with me…Fuck this whole season pass garbage, if i buy a 50€ game, i expect it to have all the content in it.

  2. They seriously shouldn't advertise post-release content before the game is even relased… It sinks with "we cut off content just to sell it to you later for more money" and will feel bad, regardless of their true intentions.

    I surely won't buy DLCs untill they get really cheap. And that's even though I consider buying game around its release after I gather more information and experiences of other players to make informed decision myself.

    I've had enough alread of this new scam to sell half finished games and turn it all into a subscriber model to sell DLCs.
    I'll rather go back and play some Arcade Emulators like M.A.M.E, or an old game like Baldur's Gate or something.

  4. this game looks like the most ridiculous and boring peace of shit. same old worn-out Lord of the Rings bullshit.
    All Tolkien games suck, because they are all bound by the Lore that already exists and not allowed to create new ideas. How often do people wanna play the same fucking storyline with a new paintjob over and over again?

  5. I brought the season pass and it just says purchased but it won't download (PS4 btw). Can someone tell me what to do? Or is it downloaded and won't say?

  6. Can someone tell me how this works? Can you still get the dlc even if you don't get the season pass? Is the season pass currently available? When do the dlc come out? Please answer

  7. If you get tge season pass do yoy get skins or anything when you buy ot or will you have to wait untill the dlc is officially released. Cuz i got the game day 1 which usually means you get the preorder dlc but i got nothing..

  8. People love to bitch about season passes and DLC. But I can tell you the game you get on disc is full and complete. When they call this extras they really mean extra. This game is great and it only left me wanting more. But people will bitch JUST because it's DLC, awesome DLC or not.

  9. Does anyone know when and if this is coming out for xbox360. I've been looking all over for it but almost no mention of old gen consoles. Looked on amazon and season pass only showing up for new gen. Please help.

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