Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Launch Trailer

Venture into the shadow of Mordor to face Sauron’s evil army.

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  1. I am so glad they did a great job with the PC version. Crazy graphical options, FOV, benchmarking, outstanding optimization. GOTY potential. 

  2. a worthless LOTR and HP mash up into one game about fighting darkness and taking stuff. very repetitive no thanks.
    edit: after watching game spot review , game trailers review, and game spot review still it's worthless and i'm not impressed at all, if you don't like what you read feel free to throw your PC outside the window into the abyss, and don't forget to go after it. you don't like others opinions go smash your heads into the walls until your brains blast out! all hate comments will be deleted, alongside with their writers

  3. Honestly, it looks epic.. Feels epic, but must be one of the worst trailers I've seen lately. What is happening? What's the story? Why everything is flashing, who can focus this fast on individual frames?

  4. Just letting you guys know, I find this game is worth 9/10 on PC. The 1 is simply for the specs required, I had to buy a new PC that cost £3.5k to get it to work but the visuals look great. I would say get this game if you are able to run it on medium settings and if not I would say get it on a console because you will save a lot of money.

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