FIFA 15 – Review

Does FIFA 15 do enough to make it a worthwhile purchase over last year’s game, or is this annual franchise heading for relegation? Find out in GameSpot’s review.

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  1. Why do people buy this. I bought Fifa 11 on a sale last year, then I was thinking about getting a new Fifa. I looked at gameplay and the game is exactly the same, except for a few new players. Can't believe people buy the exact same game every year. It's basically an annual subscription.

  2. Changes from previous FIFAs: Dribbling = OP
    Goalkeepers = somewhat OP
    Heading = virtually non existent, especially from corners.
    Defending = Got a shit load harder.

  3. Once EA fesses up and removes whatever causes those dreaded moment swings I will buy Fifa every year. It's a VIDEO GAME not RL. There should NEVER be any momentum swings. The AI should never force me to make a game costing mistake. The AI should always be consistent and equal to your opponents. EA is shit for not understanding that. 

  4. The keepers in this are dog shit. Seriously, if you dont believe me do a test. Get your friend to be any team. You be Bayern Munich with the supposed best keeper in Fifa Neuer. Get a corner and send all your outfield players up. Let him/her get the ball and run down the pitch and in at goal. Call out your keeper and tell me the results. 9 times out of 10 for me the keeper runs exactly where the players are whereas in Fifa 14 they went to where the player was going to be meaning now if a person calls out their keeper, run an extra step and finesse shot is a guaranteed goal. The only difference is this year they have a hell of a lot more animations for shots making you think that they are better than they were.

  5. I find there's more glitches in FIFA'15 than there is in FIFA'14…

    Fifa'15- The keepers randomly still come out and take a donkey touch then you concede a shitty goal it's also far too easy to take it round the keeper in FIFA'15 the keepers just leave a massive gap and you can just finesse it in.

    The skills are overpowered the faint with the right analog stick is easy to pull off but nearly impossible to defend against I'm in Division 1 and nearly everyone uses it the defending is glitchy too your own players run into eachother sometimes and glitch.

    The only thing I like about FIFA'15 compared to FIFA'14 is better graphics & new presentations, layouts/formations.

    Everything else I think FIFA'15 has gone backwards.. E.A could make it so much better but there's too many glitches with the AI it's pathetic but I'll always buy FIFA & PES every year because I love Football I just wish they'd put more effort into it and fix the glitches.

  6. This game is so horrible. Goalies are dumb. Defenders tackle like shit and if you're playing against computer the dumb ref always calls against you.

  7. Ea want anyone to be able to buy it and play it. More players = more money.
    It's scripted to the core.
    FUT is a scam so I refuse to play it.
    You buy players already in the game for more stats which don't mean shit because the games rigged.
    Pile of wank.
    The game is 99% bullshit.

  8. This is the great thing about video games,different opinions.
    For me fifa is not something that looks and feels like the real thing,i don't control the game as i do on PES,i can't build my game style like i do on PES, on fifa is all about crazy sprint and bang! the player movement on PES is much more real and rewarding in my opinion.

  9. Fifa 15 passing sucks ass anyone else having problems with passing ? I hate it so much won't let me do my passing right . Destroys my gaming experience

  10. I bought fifa14 & took it back 8 hrs later it was that shit,I played fifa15 on the demo & decided to buy it as I thought it was excellent was I wrong, if you score be prepared to lose a goal straight from the kick off,you go in to tactics to tell your players to stay back they don't,.if you bring your keeper off his line & change your mind the keeper will just stand there, players running in to each other,when you press L1 it takes forever for it to go to the player you want, causing a penalty when you've pressed nothing, winning like 4-0 in first half then draw or lose, players not tracking the runs of players you have no control of, when you play offside they take for ever to come out of defense worst fifa ive ever played

  11. I don't mind the exciting football crammed into 12 minutes. I don't mind players who can execute well timed dribbling skill moves. I don't even mind the ridiculous 40 yard finesse shots hitting the back of the net.

    What I do mind, however, are defenders that jockey into each other, defenders that fail to track runners (particularly fullbacks set to stay back always), defenders that cannot read the quick turn especially when not holding RT. I do mind that the game is determined to separate midfielders from defenders to the point that attackers with decent dribbling can and will run at you. I do mind that the game is catered for such dribble pace abusers that it's nigh on impossible to maintain a solid defence for the entire game. I do mind that the game forces you to adopt such tactics and make alternative styles obsolete. I can count the number of human opponents that played tiki-taka football against me on 1 hand, and that's after playing almost 500 hours, most of which on the popular FUT mode.

    I do mind high passing stat midfielders misjudging simple 5-10 yard passes that are intercepted with ease. I do mind that the reward to press high up with super fast players when you are in your own half is sustainable for the full 90 minutes. Seriously?! Who plays like that in real life? Simple research about Gegenpressing will teach you about how to play the pressing game.

    It's become an arms race whereby the greatest commodities aren't players with high technical ability but physical beasts that do a flick here and there. In order to contain pace abusers, of which are thousands, you need to sign defenders for their pace first and foremost. After all, who in their right mind choose Onouha (relegated QPR) ahead of Sakho (Liverpool) or Terry (Chelsea)? I think Sakho and Skrtel or Terry and Cahill would relish the chance of snuffing our Doumbia or Ibarbo.

    In FIFA 15, you are forced to sign Onouha or some other cheap speedy CB, to counter the tiresome LB+Y through ball. As for CMs, pace is less important if you are attacking, but God forbid you lose the ball due to a typically wayward pass. Suddenly you're isolated and just running defenders back as the attacker pace abuses down the middle unopposed.

    There's more to football that pure attacking on full throttle. There's skill in defending and there's skill in possession football. FIFA 15 has successfully negated the art of defence and the beauty of the passing game. FIFA 15 FUT mode, in particular, has become a field of generic sprinters that playing day by day has become tedious. Imagine that! A simulation of the beautiful game being tedious!

    To add to the frustration, it's impossible to add a friend after meeting an opponent. So imagine my dismay that I failed to find the 4 opponents that tiki-taka'd against me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That rare online player that wanted to play Xavi-Kroos-Busquets as a trio in midfield against all sagest advice and played beautiful carpet football.

    FIFA 15 is a dreadful excuse of a licence.

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