Far Cry 4 – Pagan Min: King of Kyrat Trailer

Check out this new Far Cry 4 trailer highlighting Pagan Min the King of Kyrat.

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  1. Far cry 3 and Farcry 4 were great Primal SUCKED pls make Far Cry 6 wid a Really good antagonist like Vaas or Pagin Min (Use my Advise)

  2. Within all that bullshit, it pains me to admit that Pagan Min was the good guy. Not good at all even after that. Come to think of it, he didn't feel like spending any time as king with Ajay being there, before passing it on to him. Seems like he didn't enjoy his position after all, and maybe somewhere he was patiently waiting for Ajay and/or Ishwari to return to Kyrat. Even Pagan Min himself didn't wanna stay in Kyrat, or in power.
    Part of me thinks that Pagan Min had the potential to be a good person, but he was raised by a kingpin and was pretty much brainwashed due to being in the middle of such a criminal life. Maybe taking over Kyrat was his way to escape the gang life, but since he got a lot of the gangsters with him, it's no surprise that it turned into an oppressive state. Maybe that's why he hated his father, for bringing him into a life he didn't belong in.
    As for the whole "he was a mean dictator" crap we see and hear all throughout the game and over the internet, there's not much evidence to support that. And no, I do not disagree with that. But, I am talking about the days before he went nuts. Back when he had just become the king of Kyrat, before the Golden Path was formed, what did he really do? What did he do to have a resistance created against him? What did he do that was mean or dictatorial? There's no evidence of him doing any such thing. The Golden Path was formed mainly because A. The Kyratis did not want a non-Kyrati king, especially one who isn't related to the original royal family, and B. He killed the heir and crowned himself.
    While killing someone and taking their place of power is considered as bad, and quite frankly twisted, there was honestly nothing else that the Kyrati people could've held against him. He helped them get rid of their ancient and twisted culture, where women were nothing but property, where marriage involved "dowry", where gods were more important than actual, physical lives, where kids were put to bed by saying "If you don't behave like a good kid, the Rakshasa will come and get you", which is quite frankly the same thing as an average US parent scaring their kid by using "The Boogeyman" as the fictional figure to ensure good behavior.
    Anyway, he did nothing wrong before he went nuts. (Or I could be wrong.) Maybe he was about to turn Kyrat into a democracy. Again, just maybe, not saying he definitely would've done that, but there was a chance.
    Either way, that didn't happen, but something else did, that drove him crazy. He fell in love, had a child, and then lost both of them because of the Golden Path, and Mohan. When he allows Ajay to go into Lakshmana's tomb to place Ishwari's urn, he says "I went in a sane man, and I came out….well like this" or something. Maybe all the crazy shit he did was because he completely lost it after his child died. And even then, he didn't commit as much crimes as most people in the Royal Army and Royal Guard. They flat out abused their privileges, raping people, torturing them, immorally repossessing things, killing innocent people etc.
    Come to think of it, it is possible that he regretted all of this, and maybe didn't just walk away because he knew that some other dictatorial piece of shit will take his place. Maybe he waited for Ajay so that Ajay could put it all to rest. Both Mohan and Pagan wanted Ajay to take their place, and he was the one who was on neither sides, was completely neutral, wasn't scarred due to wars or quarrels, and had the potential to rebuild and restore Kyrat. Ajay was the one and only key to fixing Kyrat, but unfortunately, Sabal and Amita fucked it up, like a free whore under the highway.

  3. am i the only one who wants ubisoft to add an extension to the game or something when u side with him at the beggining the add a story line to it and not just end the game there

  4. But mama I'm in love with a dictator
    And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical
    Mama please don't cry, I will be alright
    All reason aside I just can't deny, I love Pagan Min ♡

  5. hmmm i wish ubisoft is willing to make some kind of minimovie of Pagan Min, maybe about after he leaves Kyrat to Ajay… i don't expect a live action like Farcry 3 experience or Farcry 5 live action… maybe they could make a CGI movie like… like The Adventures of Tintin? But I guess thats a big ass budget yeah XD But i really wish they make something like that tho… i just cant get enough of Pagan Min.. XDXDXD

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