Far Cry 4 – Mighty Elephants of Kyrat Trailer

Not so pink elephants go on parade (/a deadly rampage) in the latest trailer for Far Cry 4.

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  1. lmao oh ubisoft lol.. oh how mush you suck lol.. wow when game is finally down it will be downgraded to look like a shinny wet clay lol.

  2. I've never been a fan of the Far Cry series… it just looks… boring.

    Why do the graphics look so outdated? Was this recorded on the PS3 / Xbox 360?
    If this is what next gen graphics look like… wow.

  3. Something tells me that in the Stand Alone DLC of FC4 called BloodDragon 2 – Vietnam 3 (no joke..this is currently on production due to very popular demand…this is gonna be AWESOME) these elephants are gonna be able to launch orbital death strikes and they are gonna be cyborgs or something..and being able to stand on their 2 back feet and start "punching people" or shoot plasma rifles from their 2 front feet

  4. This game looks awesome! "When he said that an elephant never forgets…" I wonder if he means an elephant that you attacked and then escaped from will remember you if it sees you again. That would be awesome!

  5. I can't see that game changer thing
    It is still the same as the previous game
    Very disappointed VERY DISAPPOINTED
    UBISOFT unfortunately is following the path of EA. they better stop it or else .

  6. is the entire game coop? if two people have the game, I know they have that feature where someone can play without the game for only a few hours but I really want to know is the entire game coop.

  7. Elephants are kinda useful, kinda wouldnt notice if they werent there at all.
    I dont use them in combat as im a stealth player and an elephant is not something on my equipment list. Wild elephants however are extremely useful as they usually hate everyone in red and attack without a second thought. I did however find a use for them – hunting. Predators run away from elephants or, at the very last, dont attack you while youre riding one. Grab a jumbo and let them arrows fly on all the tigers, bears and whatever else crosses your path.

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