Far Cry 4 – Double Elephant Destruction Gameplay

Dan Hindes and Zorine Te get their hands on Far Cry 4 and wreak Himalayan havoc in a variety of explosive and animalistic ways.

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  1. Dont bother to explain these 10 year old kids dont want to understand game developers suck them dry and we get bad games and lazy development because of them…

  2. nothing really looks different. at least from this video. i'm glad that you can shoot while operating a vehicle again, like you could in the original farcry games. i hope that's incorporated with all the vehicles. looks fun though.

  3. I see allot of people hating on Far Cry 4, if you think about it there are allot of other games people initially hated. I remember Uncharted 2, I heard people hearing they hated snow >_> really… I heard Assassins creed Black Flag, people hated 3 so they assumed Black Flag was going to be crap. Well you guys were wrong. For most of the gaming audience. Those 2 games were some of the best games ever. So don't hate on Far Cry 4, there's no need to. Wait till it comes out, look at it, and then decide. 

  4. Two CUTE elephants running havoc in a sleepy mountain town in the Himalayas !!! LOL.. only Far Cry can pull this stuff off. Can't wait for this baby. 

  5. AWWWWWWW… I saw two little monkeys hopping on some walls. The realism when it comes to animal life in this game is phenomenal. Although, I have doubts over the AI. Looks very easy and similar to FC3 which is not a bad thing. Still waiting for this wonderful game on my PS4 !!! 

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