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Kevin VanOrd gives us his early review impressions of Bungie’s highly anticipated online sci-fi shooter, Destiny.

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  2. Why are people hating this game so much?!?!? I freaking love it, the options the skills the classes they're so much fun! Just relax and play the game you won't regret

  3. Destiny Fucking SUCKS. I am serious. The story is horrible, that automatically ruins a game. What's so great about shooting people over and over again if there is no amazing purpose behind it? It's hilarious that the dev team can't think of any original names. Bioware had Krogans, Asari, and Drell names for some races. Destiny has The Darkness, and the Fallen. That's creative. For a game that is supposed to thrive on imagination this one failed because nothing is its own. As described, the naming is not original, the game is essentially a dumbed down space borderlands, the story is so cliche it's not even funny, the PVP has no unique feel, is unbalanced and therefore is utter garbage. The graphics may be nice but that doesn't amount to shit. The mission design is dumb, exploration is a joke, and voice acting sucks. The only time this game is good is playing with a friend, which proves nothing because almost every game is fun when played with a companion.This is certainly no halo replacement by any means. DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH ASS GARBAGE LEAKING SORRY EXCUSE FOR A GAME!!!!!!!!!!! Save yourselves the time and the money. Hahahahaha all you sony fan boys who are suddenly jumping on Bungies bandwagon might as well just keep sucking destiny's dick because you aren't going to look up anyways in order to see Halo Masterchief collection and sunset overdrive. I don't care if you like sony, I like sony too. I care if you want to claim this game is amazing just because you feel compelled since it has some exclusive rights with playstation. Fuck off all you dirtbags. Play a real game. Destiny sucks, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. This is just the only thing gamers have to cling to right now. Get over it. Also it's rated t for teen haha wtf? That right there tells you its storyline is going to be immature horse shit. FUCK THIS FUCKING GAME I HATE IT!

  4. Warframe > Destiny. After playing Destiny I know that it's best to just get Warframe since it delivers more content, such as planets, characters, customization, free, and so on. You could also move your ship around in the loading screens, lol.

  5. People need to stop looking for this "next gen holy grail" all the time in every new release, it happened with watch dogs and now it's happened with this game, all it does is make it way too overhyped and it makes people's expectations way to high that the game will never measure up. I think it's partly due to this year having such a long "dry" period for games and people are getting desperate for something out of this world to satisfy them, unfortunately it will take a while for that to happen in my opinion.

    At the end of the day destiny is a solid game in my opinion, I didn't get over hyped for it, I knew what to expect and played the beta, it has a lot of content that I'm enjoying with a lot for me to do, I haven't played a shooter in a while and it's going to keep me occupied until other releases in October/November, which is exactly what I wanted and I feel is worth my money.

  6. I think the game got way more hype then it should have. This is a good game but the amount of hype raised expectations way to high and that's probably way there are so much hate for this game.

  7. Take pretty much every Halo game, throw in a loadout system with a little dash of customization on the items and an incredibly boring campaign with monotone voice acting and call it "The first big 8th gen game."  That's essentially Destiny in a nutshell.  Don't get me wrong.  I bought it and it's growing on me, but in no way is it innovative or pioneering.  It runs at 30 fps for craps' sake, and that's across all platforms.  I'd be happier if they allowed multiplayer split-screen for the Crucible.  After all, what's the point in supporting a whopping number of controllers anymore?  I miss the 360 in its heyday when all my friends would come over for some pvp on Halo 3. We'd end up on different teams, but don't think that necessarily meant we all boarded the same Warthog trying to get our allies to betray us. Because we totally did that. 

  8. This game sucks nothing new here comes with a bad story that is very high level. It's like they put everything from every other successful shooter into this un-original peace of c@#%. Big big money grab here.

  9. I can see somewhat where the hate comes from but I played the beta and was using THAT as my basis of getting the game. Over the last 2 years I felt some overhype with ppl talking shit about Halo and 343 (They are listening to us though now with 5 you bastards)

    It was GTA 5 when I learned to not rely on YouTube channels that follow news on a highly anticipated game with just speculations or released details of what we can do and see. That's why GTA 5 is a fucking FLOP. 

    Destiny had a beta at the very least, so those who played it like myself… you know where you stand. I personally thought to myself a year ago Destiny would have things like stealth, choice based missions and exploration. Maybe infiltration or escape type of missions. It seems like run and gun down while looking for loot on the very side .And the tower would be something big on it's own. So Yeah I'm pretty fucking disappointed but I still consider getting it. And I know for a fact that if Destiny was Next Gen exclusive ( and no I dont give a fuck about the graphics, they are great) we would have a more detailed game content wise. I mean look at all the damn guns….Overall they are all the same appearance with slight changes here there and there.

    Cause No Mans Sky???!? The planets were literally a playground to explore and going into space looked very natural.

  10. Im gonna say that this game is awesome. Thats because I like FPS games, I like loot hunting games and I like exploring. Its good fun and thats what a video game is all about. Every day I see the same comments on the internet talking about PC being better but who the hell gives a toss. I own a PS4 because ive grown up with consoles and im not planning on getting a PC at all, it doesnt interest me one bit. I only use my desktop PC for learning a big of code and college work. I dont care if I can run games at 60+ FPS, I dont care if I can play games at 1440p… all I care about is having a bit of fun and escaping reality. The gaming community are turning into a bunch of fucking whining assholes, why dont you try build a game, market it and then sell it?

  11. Game is good but not amazing how some people are making it out to be, but still worth getting nevertheless but don't expect anything life changing

  12. Why are they're no reviews on destiny yet it's been three days. when it's your job to play video games and review them so the public doesn't need to buy a game to find out its shit or not then why the hell don't you have a review out. Honestly is Activision pay these people not to give destiny a score or something

  13. I really don't understand all the hate, this game is amazing. It's the best game I've played since Far Cry 3. The only reason I've turned on my console in months. 🙂

  14. this game feels like Halo without the compelling universe, Borderlands without the amusement, Mass Effect without the story & character development, and World of Warcraft without the social play variety. just 1 trip to the tower, and you realize it's just a giant map of lifeless vendors, with nothing else to offer.

  15. You know what sucks that these companies make good games and then they hype a game saying it's going to be awesome!!! But it's a let down!!! This is happening to much!!! We pay $65 dollers for these games and we shouldn't be suckerd for the money!!!! I never had an xbox but, i have played halo but it's not my type of game but my freand liked it very much!!! Im an ps4 guy!!! I like games like call of duty and uncharted!!!!!! Im glad i didn't go and try or buy this game!!! I was going to by it because bungee is a good developer but im glad i didn't believe the hype!!! Thanks for.the.heads up ign!!!!!!!

  16. As a PC gamer i would like to say right now i'am playing parasite eve 2 through emulation and having a whale of a time.

    And if i whanted to play destiny i could just get the ps3/xbxox 360 version but dam that fov is norrow i would think it would cause motion sickness  80-90 fov is fine this looks like 30-40 fov.

  17. I wish they would add wild monsters to fight, like in Shadows of Mordor, (who would want to ride or go up against a large alien monster like a Graug?)

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