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Creative Directing Assassin's Creed Unity

Creative director Alex Amancio talks about the journey from his previous work on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations to Unity and how he approaches such a monumental task.

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  1. wow they shiped ac revelations in 10 months and people still hate on ireally liked revelations i dont know where this hat against him generated..seems a realy awesome guy.

  2. Wouldn't it be awesome to see the assassins creed franchise have a visit to japan? I think a lot of the themes would over lap with the samari's as the Templars and the ninjas as the assassins.

  3. Again the only part that is still lacking is getting the players to know this new main lead Assassin. There is no bond still. Right now it's only game play. There's no charisma, no personality. Everything Ezio and Edward Kenway both had. It's like having another Connor in the game. Btw, I was at PAX this past weekend to see both this game and Rogue. This game is looking absolutely stunning in every Next Gen way. The game play is awesome!

  4. So they created Revelations in 10 months and they have given this game 4 whole years? This game is truly going to shine.

    You can really tell Amancio is dedicated to the game and loves the series. So far, from admitting the series has gone off track, to appreciating AC 1 and AC 2, I think he is one of the best directors of the series. Real respect for him.

  5. Awesome video! More stuff like this, please!

    I like this developer a lot. He seems so honest and talks a lot about his work, which I enjoy a lot listening to. It's so interesting to hear a dev like him talk about the dev process and the day-to-day problems.
    This, and he perfectly combines his honesty with marketing talk. He still maintains a level of distance that's needed to present the game in a professional manner and show you that it's a good product.

    I especially liked how he admitted their failings, like the tower defense minigame.

  6. While Revelations was a filler game at best, you can't deny that the actual story seemed to have a sort of depth that wasn't even present in AC2 or Brotherhood. It was just so beautiful, especially that damn ending! At least in that respect, I truly trust Alex to give us something soulful with Unity. Gameplay-wise, I know Revelations had some backlash on a few of the features and missions in Revelations, but if you notice, the devs have been putting out a LOT of content with regards to the improvements in Unity, and if you ask me, I think they're pretty enjoyable. I'm sure Alex was aware of his previous shortcomings did his best to make up for whatever was lacking in Revelations.

  7. So where are the original team of AC, They haven't work on AC since AC1, Like AC2 team make AC3 and ACBH team are working on unity now and ACR team make ACIV, So where are the original team of AC.

  8. Im so disillusioned with the video game industry. I see these interviews knowing that for these guys its just their job, i'd bet that 99% of video game players care more about the games than the people who actually made it. And that seems wrong to me, if the people making the games aren't even really interested in investing themselves in the products they create how can we ever get the best quality possible from the medium. Thats not true for every developer but the major AAA titles I believe suffer from a lack enthusiasm beyond trying to get their checks. 

  9. It's strange, man. I mean, people say that Black Flag didn't feel like AC and then when something does "feel like AC" it's "same shit lmao". Props to all these game developers with all these voices whispering in their ears, especially Amancio. They have to make the game identical without it being identical and it's gotta be hard. 

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