"Become Legend" Live Action Trailer Breakdown – Destiny

Aaron and Ryan give impressions of the latest live-action Destiny trailer including gear customization and levels shown.

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  1. Stop calling Destiny a MMO … fucking scrubs. Destiny is 'Mythic Sci-fi Shared World Shooter'. A lot of the misconceptions new players felt during the beta was because people like you in the media are trying to tell people that the game is something that it's not so they come in expecting a MMO which Destiny IS NOT.

     Bungie has NEVER used the term MMO to describe Destiny, not one single time and have specifically said in text and video they want to stay away from that term and have said this since day 1. If you're journalist, and for this matter GAME JOURNALISTS, if you're going to cover a game get the correct information. It's absolutely astounding how you people keep your jobs without knowing how to do them.

  2. I really don't get all the hype. I played the beta and I thought it was kinda boring tbh. But I guess we will find out soon if the game lives up to it's hype. 

  3. If there's one thing the video game industry and gamers do better than anything it's froth up the hype. This game is one of the finest examples.

  4. Still not sure what all the hype is about. I'm tired of online BS. Just give me the ENTIRE game as it is. Don't make me download stuff, don't make me have to play online to get a good experience. Don't give me a game that will have 0 multiplayer once the servers are down. Just give me a game that is 100% I can play with a friend at home, or play over and over. Can't online just be a feature?

     Games I've played recently: Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot 3, Gauntlet Legends, Super Mario Bros 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, Dynasty Warriors 4, Tekken Tag 2, Mortal Kombat, Twisted Metal 2/3, Final Fantasy 10, Metal Gear Solid, and Mortal Kombat II. None of these games did I have to go online to get a full experience. I'm soooo sick of online gaming. Isn't that what a PC is for? 

  5. If anyone is getting destiny for xbox one add me! I'll accept everyones request. I'm down to play anything, just invite me!
    Gamertag: Great Eidolon z

  6. The funny thing is, a 12 hour livestream really won't be enough. The longevity of the game comes from what you do when you get past level 20. I agree that people need to do some expectation management though, if you go in there thinking that you are never going to run out of new content, you're going to be disappointed. If you go into it thinking of the planets as places that are rich enough that you can keep going back to them, this game will entertain you for a long time.

  7. Here's my opinion on the matter. I see 3 main sources of competition in gaming (Xbone,PS4,PC.). Be it that 2 of them are console based it will be more prevalent to see more console gamers, but you already know this. I have a PC. Not just some dingy 700 dollar build I mean a future proof SLI GTX 780 FTW Hydro copper w/ an i7 3820k. Mobo is fine and have 16 gigs memory. Could use a better pcu but what ever I hit it hard gpu wise with everything watercooled. I also have a PS4. What I see more than none in the comments is this ongoing war for supremacy over graphics. When what really had ever matterd in a game is the story. So 1080p @60 fps should never matter. Never has. Games like old fable and quake live were about the community and the story. What I see in Destiny much like the rest of us bickering about its exclusiveness (also doesn't matter) is the story. The wake up every morning go to work come home and instantly know an escape kind of story. Sad that it is only on the consoles? yea…. A little. But as a PC gamer I understood this would happen when I built one.Think of how many games are exclusive to PC? ALOT. We will have a destiny of our own soon enough. Don't simply bash this because of its "inferior" graphics or frame rate. Be proud gaming has become so complex in the state it's at. I mean shit I am pretty impressed with my PS4 and it's 60 fps. just means the pc master race will finally have competition and that will only make us work harder. Make better more realistic nearly life like games. Good job bungie. I Pre-ordered and can't wait. Until then I'm gonna play Arma 3 (PC exclusive) atlis life.

    tl;dr – Everyone's equal stop fighting over stupid shit. Add me on steam @ddruid777

  8. This is the first video ive seen of destiny since the first teaser released and i cant wait to get this game because it looks pretty sweet and i really know nothing about it and when i get it i can't be disappointed 

  9. Hey YouTube commenters.
    Go play the games you enjoy the most, and how about you watch those videos. If your excited for Destiny then stay, if not then gtfo.

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