Why Wasteland 2 Is An RPG That Lets You Kill Absolutely Everybody

Wasteland 2 is bringing the moral fallout back into RPGs, where your actions have far-reaching implications. Chris Avellone tells us how and why.

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  1. I was particularly intrigued by Chris' sentiment that a "good/evil" mechanic distracts from role playing. He wants Wasteland 2 to be more of a pure role playing experience, in which the player makes decisions and then events unfold naturally.

    Fine. That is the goal of role playing, after all. But where I take issue with his response is where he attempts to distinguish between the role playing system in Wasteland 2 and the lightside/darkside system in Kotor 2. Isn't the idea that "Wasteland 2 won't have a good/evil system" just a way of saying that the decision trees governing NPC behavior in Wasteland 2 will be hidden from the player?

    Does obscuring those decision trees from the player significantly improve the CRPG role playing experience? I'm not sure that it does. The paragon/renegade system in ME2 and 3 was essentially the modern re-implementation of Kotor's lightside/darkside system, and I didn't have a problem with that either. Consider, also, the two most recent installments of the Fallout franchise. FO3 was criticized (rightly) for its take on morality, which often felt arbitrary and primitive. But replacing FO3's morality system with the faction reputation system in FONV didn't make things seem any less artificial. Instead of NPCs generally reacting to whether you were a savior or a devil, they instead reacted generally depending on whether you had chosen to help the NCR or the legion.

    I'd love for Wasteland 2 play like an RPG personally DM'd by Chris Avellone, with a scenario tailor-made for each player. But whatever it ends up being, I'm looking forward to it.

    Aside from discussing the way pure role playing has been abstracted to fit the modern CRPG medium, I would also have loved to hear Chris' thoughts on balancing storytelling vs game mechanics in CRPGs. i.e. Should a CRPG be a game first, and a story second? What does he think is the biggest distinction between a CRPG and a novel? Between a CRPG and a film?

  2. It's shocking how many people don't relate to isometric turn based games anymore. This looks right up my alley and can wait till the full version.

  3. I don't understand why people always compare games so aggressively… "Everyone stop moving!!! I don't like this so it must be the worst! What you like this #$%&* you've doomed us all!!" Please grow up and learn to respect that people want different things.

  4. Well I personally am looking forward to playing this as I love RPG's like this. I used to only care for RPG's like STALKER, Skyrim, Mass Effect, The Witcher  and some Japanese RPG's. That was until I tried games like Torchlight2, Magicka, Path of Exile , Diablo3 and realised how great they are. This game will be a slow tactical cerebral affair which makes a nice change from games that are inspired by Michael Bay or Paul WS Anderson Hollywood style lol

  5. This is the game equivalent to people in the comments going "I'm 16 and I love these games more than any of the crap my generation play."

  6. "Why Wasteland 2 Is An RPG That Lets You Kill Absolutely Everybody" 

    Horseshit, more like "Why if You Kill Any Rangers in Wasteland 2 the Game Becomes Unwinnable"

  7. Don't rob yourself of the experience this game delivers, it's an amazing game.

    I was never interested in crpg's but decided to try it and can't stop playing.

    The presentation I thought was something I was never going to get used to and automatically lost interest in the open world travel function at first but I quickly overlooked this when missions kept piling up or being added on, the audio, voice acting, writing, combat, customization, squad abilities, perks, loot, consequences, tactics, discovery are really well done.

    It has depth and challenges that keeps you thinking and squad tactics once you figure them out, work really well and it becomes less like a game of chess and more like open combat.

    I now understand what people meant when they say Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 is so shallow compared to wasteland and the first two Fallouts.

    Only gripe so far… I'd love the ability to sneak and infiltrate locations without being seen… As an RPG, you can't remain undiscovered n avoid confrontation by being a stealth character, I'd love that challenge to be in the game, especially with lockpicking, hacking, safecracking, defusing bombs, disarming alarms… Would make a great assassin or thief build.

  8. its been 5 years since i bought the game and still have not been able to play the game due to 3 reason 1st time i played it 3 hours after starting it up and starting 1st mission gpu was killed by the game engine cause gpu to over draw power causing it to short lots of people tell me that cant happen well to prove you all wrong i install my spare gpu which was a 260x it then went and killed that one and a ram stick so i uninstalled yes both gpus were amd the 1st was a 280x gpu that was less then 2 years old my system have everything installed perfectly and nothing overclocked
    my back gpu was a 260X AMD Shappire card
    what happened from deep-dig is that certain setting in video option allowed the game to not limit how many frames its draws and what happen with that action is the game causees your system and both cpu and ram and gpu to pull more power then you can supply and when the games running its so how stops your system from telling your gpu to cool more and power down the levels of draw instead it tell it can draw casueing a over draw of power and inturn shorts the capastors friing the port section
    so would love to play the game but if you like me have AMD system dont bother if you cant risk your gpu becomeing bricked or fried

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