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Watch The Largest Crowd Assembled In Assassin's Creed Unity

Ubisoft Montreal’s team lead crowd Aleissia Laidacker and crowd life director Jesse Sweet show off the gigantic Parisian crowds found in Assassin’s Creed Unity, including one mission that contains a group of 12,000 citizens.

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  1. I r eally like Assassin's creed games but one of the things that really irritates me is the number of bug and obvious flaws that AC games contain! I know that these game are massive open world affairs and are systems based but some of those flaws were around for 3 games!! Add the fact that some AC games had something like 1000 people + working on them, I was super disappointed!! One of the things was the POVs, those were copy and paste all over the city (and island for AC4), even down to the WAY you climb them, and then once you get to the top, there was hectic clipping with the Eagle and Ezio and Ezio's robe and the thing he was kneeling on.

    To that end I feel that AC and sometimes Ubisoft in general go for quantity over quality sometimes, which can sometimes make their end product feel slightly underpolished.

    I really hope that that's not the case for Unity but history isn't on Ubisoft's side and after watching that 11 minute preview they released I'm seeing the same old issues!

    Oh well! All the best Ubi!

  2. What happen to the gentle push. When Arno walks through the crowd standing tall bumping into people and all. Old AC games had this but now no more.

  3. Its all nice but in reality people don't congregate as much as this. Its only on special occasions or instances. I doubt this is how it was at the time. Its as if there is a party going on all the time, just saying.

  4. 12,000 people in a crowd… so how many of them will pop in out of nowhere or appear to be stuck in the ground, defying gravity or attached to their neighbors or environmental objects?

  5. Dumb they really need to stop making these games or at least stop coming out with one every year 2 assassin creed games coming out in one year is ridiculous the only good assassins games was assassins creed 2

  6. sometines in brother hood u would see people reading and eating while walkingi hope that they readd this feature just with a litle more pimped out version or atleats more things they can do i also hope they add back the children from ac3 just i hope they make them not ask u for money when ur busy

  7. I hate the words "Next Generation". Stop focusing on consoles an concentrate on pc. Its a lot easier to get rid of graphical features to make it run well on a console than it is to port to pc.

  8. All I want to is do I have the option to kill such a massive number if NPCs? If not, what's the point of this? Just put Pin-up pictures of NPCs like they used to do in the stands of Old Sports games!

  9. The large crowds were my favorite part about this game. It's the main thing that really stood out, and the biggest thing that I remember about Unity. I really hope that large crowds return in future Assassin's Creed games. But MAN, I would have never guessed there was 12,000 people. Wow!    Sadly, the final boss, the not-so-happy ending, and overall change in gameplay is what ruined this game for me. Though I still loved it.

  10. if the game didnt crash to desktop every 2 minutes maybe i could have witnessed the crowd ingame. Unfortunately the money is wasted and the useless game uninstalled. I understand why it was so cheap now.

  11. Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. -Tesla
    Yes, this game had a bad release. But lets appreciate the hard work of the Devs.
    After playing AC Unity, ALL Open-world games feel like I'm in a ghost town.

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