The Tomorrow Children – Gamescom 2014 Announcement Trailer

Check out this Gamescom 2014 trailer for The Tomorrow Children.

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  1. Eeeeeh, here comes the boring ass balts, with their butthurt about commuinism. GTFO you douches, you're ruinning the party with your lame ass politics.

  2. all those girls are players? Cuz if it is about clans with random people, and you have to fight other clans, im sold. I am actually looking forward for this game.

  3. Love how out of all the musical choices they could have chosen for their child soldier game they chose the most Communist Russia-y sounding song ever.

  4. I know russian, and I try to translate this song on english:

    Look, girls:
    Look at our pathway…
    Curves our long pathway,
    Our buxom pathway!

    Look, girls:
    We are ready to accept the enemy…
    Our horses are fast-footed
    Our tanks are fast-tracked!

    (Our horses are fast-footed)
    (Our tanks are fast-tracked)!

    Let on the coop-farm,
    United works be boiling!
    Today we are sentinels!
    We are watchers today!

    Look, girls:
    Rub away your tearz, girls
    Let the song come harder!
    Our battle song!

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