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The New Gameplay of Assassin's Creed Unity

The lead developers of Assassin’s Creed Unity explain how they’ve rebuilt the navigation, stealth, and combat components for their new-gen debut and how it difffers from previous entries.

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  1. you should be able to kill them with one stab or slash after a well timed parry because if you stab some one in the chest or slash them there with a sword there dead or out of the fight having to slash them 4 or more times is silly it not real at all

  2. making games that game makers want to make over games that will sell is not just the better decision but in the long run it makes better games the game makers love what the game will be and they put their heart and soul into it

  3. I believe that in assassins creed altiar, ezio and Arno are true assassins because an assassin isn't about killing 30 dudes in a row its about being that blade in a crowd never being seen and thats what there brining back to the series.

  4. woah in AC1 u had to press a/x aswell to start freerunning. so nothing new in that. using b/o to go down is only new. bhut how the fuq can you jump 40 meters down. and just grab a flagpole? and jump directly to a waĺl whitout breaking fucking arms. atleast put fucking logic in your new shit. ac1/2 and brother hood where good. the new stuff isnt about being an assasin. its more about how much you can sell.

  5. I hope its not too much like splinter cell. Anyone who has played it knows what I am talking about, it looks like they have just copied a lot of stuff like the last known position ghost.

  6. The fighting still seems very Black Flag-ish where the Assassin ends up stabbing/cutting the enemy about 10 times before he actually dies.  Counter-kills were easy but in a way more realistic as one blow to a major body part will kill the opponent pretty much instantly,  not 8 stabs to the chest might not be enough. 

  7. This game looks awesome and I'm definitely buying it but in the future, I think ubisoft should set AC in ancient japan, or in a jungle, or in the plains of Africa, something new and exciting other than big cities… Although Paris looks amazing in Unity

  8. AC3 had a 8 hour tutorial, literally the most boring character in gaming history and the worst ending in AC…. AC4 was good, but nothing more, this game though, haven't been this excited since AC2. You know they're making progress when 20 AC games later they add a crouch feature, finally. 

  9. Won't it be cool if they did like a GTA V style for free roam where we have our own personalized assassin instead of just being stuck as Arno. 

    It'll probably set the game back by a whole year though, lol. 
    But I dunno, I personally like the whole stats and gear route they're taking so I can customize my game style, I just wish i could also customize being my own assassin in a free roam. 

  10. Some of the language being used to describe the gameplay feels off handed and almost arrogant at times.

    "If you want to go as a brawler fine, practice, upgrade your gear, get good"
    "We added ways to play outside of stealth so play the game how you want"
    "The game was intended for stealth"

    All this sounds like is that they're needlessly adding a difficulty curve to this just because they want to force you into a deeper stealth role and punish brawlers who enjoy brawling. I'm very much a stealthy player but it sounds impossible to "just disappear" and go back into stealth if some of the inevitable fights are drawn out thus winning further attention from additional guards. The guy is supposed to be a master assassin I'd imagine that combat for him shouldn't be much of a problem and that frankly (especially with sword fighting) attacks do become scripted kills because there's only so many moves someone with a sword can make.

    I like some of the changes being presented especially with the fluid of motion but they seemingly don't care to fix aspects of the story many people find drab or pace breaking (the story outside of the animus and then follow target quests).

  11. All of you crying about the devs dropping counter kill, just stop. You sound like whiny bitches. That shit was op and changed an entire franchise that was supposed to be about stealth to just insta killing enemies by the masses. Why would I want to use a smoke bomb or run away from a fight when I could just kill all of them knowing I have a counter ability to surely fuck them up ? I think the devs are going to make this game the way we all thought it would be back when AC 1 came out. You're an assassin not a warrior. AC black flag was a perfect setting for warrior game play because you were basically killing and looting, but this game should be what the title suggests. Assassin. Stealth. If they want to add features that can turn your character into a battle hardened assassin through skill leveling in a particular set of abilities ? That's fine. But counter has to go.

  12. For the record… 1) counter= parry, yes it says counter but its not counter/ kill 2) certain missions are coop, not everything 3) spamming attack on enemy unrealistic, not quite, it would take a strong arm to slice through any bit of armour with a quick swing, besides its a game 4) same game over and over, um hello duh its AC, then we might have people say "hey its not even AC anymore" otherwise (eg. Splinter Cell), 5) its only for PS4 XbOne PC because last Gen can't handle all the mech. 6) no this is not how pretty the game will look, it is called an advertising technique… This game has been in the making before lots of the other titles, taking good ideas from each, can no one accept the hard work put into a complex game… This seems to be a very well rounded AC game for their first installment on strictly Next Gen.

  13. Assassin's Creed is meant to be a stealth game but the stealth element is clumsy, I think they'll remove the crouch button in this…

  14. "Combat should be a fail state"

    "Combat is hard and complex"

    Marketing lies spotted.

    It's gonna be shit.

  15. Id like it if they brought back what it looked like to be artacked from ac 1 so instead of stabbing a guy 27 times he just botches his parries a lot until one final blow.

  16. So on Black Flag I would often take out a ship, dive off, board it, take everyone on myself cus they attacked one at a time and easily kill them all. With this game I can't do that? Good!!! That was way too easy in Black Flag

  17. the first dude makes the redesign and innovation of mechanics sound like a chore, and that alone. No wonder the games hardly ever changed on last gen with that type of attitude. 

  18. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    Alien Isolation
    The Evil Within
    Far Cry 4
    Assassin's Creed Unity
    GTA V
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    The Division

    Goodbye real life.

  19. I'm mid-way between the new combat. I like the fact that you can no longer take out 50 guards by yourself using only 2 buttons but it looks as if they've made it a real challenge for people who like to just barge instead of using stealth.

  20. Wait so Ubisoft is actucally adressing the problems from previous games and even trying to fix them? It's about damn time, I expect no bullshit easedrop and tailing missions, but the game looks great so far. If they keep to their word, I think it will be the best AC game yet

  21. AC2 was a giant leap from AC. So much was added to AC2 that it's not even funny. Better combat, better climbing, you could swim, more weapons, new moves like double throwing knives during combat, throwing sand in your enemies face, and loads of more side content than AC had, including the Glyphs uncovering the "truth", and the Assassin's Tombs to unlock the armor of Altair. 
    It also added much to the story, having you play much more outside the Animus than AC did.

    AC Brotherhood used a new engine. The running and climbing were almost exactly the same, but it was also the same in AC1 and AC2. What Brotherhood did add that was new, was: a faster paced combat that let you counter kill more quickly, and also chain kills. In addition, they added the pistol to the sword during combat, so you can hold square to use it quickly while having the sword equipped, and also added throwing knives to the knife.
    Many new things were added like being able to throw an ax, long sword or spear, as well as being able to buy and equip axes and long swords, the aiming for the pistol was much quicker than in AC2, taking 1 second to aim instead of 3, and throwing knives at multiple targets outside of combat. Two more new addition was the crossbow, that you can use to stealthily kill targets from a distance, and the poison darts that are shot from the pistol, to poison enemies from a distance.
    The new engine also made the option to finally ride horses inside the city, and there were also many different types of horses, with different speeds. You could also Assassinate guards on horses, off of horses, and from horse to horse. In addition, you could leap off the horse onto overhead beams and flip over and onto them, and even shoot enemies adding whole new options and freedom in the horse riding.
    You also unlock a parachute which lets you glide down from high points. Which brings us to side content-
    Rome was a single huge map, instead of many smaller maps like in AC1 and AC2. All of Rome was made up of districts. Each district had stores to repair, and to unlock them you had to liberate the zone by destroying the Borgia Towers. This was a huge and new addition to the AC franchise.
    Assassin Recruits was yet another huge addition to the franchise. Calling in recruits to help you at any given time, and upgrading them so they become stronger, added a whole new depth to the combat, and knowing you are not alone, sometimes fighting ten guards with three other Assassins at a time. You could also send your recruits  to missions in different cities across Europe, to gain money, XP, and special items. 
    Borgia flags were the new feathers, and some flags had to be found in missions, which was new.  
    In addition to the tombs to unlock the Romulus armor, which was the same as the tombs in AC2, you had War Machine missions, where you had to use War Machines and later destroy them. 
    In the city of Rome, you had the classic Assassination contracts carried over from the previous games, again, but you also had missions for the three different factions. Mercenaries, Florentiens, and Thieves. 
    Now, each mission had new side objectives, that had to be completed to get 100 percent syncronization, which was also new. 
    You had the option to replay all the missions as many times as you want, and you could go back to get the side objectives you missed the first time. 
    Another addition was exiting the Animus whenever you wanted, and free roaming around modern day Monterrigioni, looking for fragments, and also having important story elements in the emails you receive, hinting at the ending. * Spoilers * Lucy is a Templar. 
    A twist I truly didn't see coming, and an ending that ruined my day. 
    The story so far from AC1 to Brotherhood was good. Subject 16 is a mysterious character, and you slowly find out more about his death and what he was trying to accomplish. 

    Revelations, added two things that were substantial. The ending to Ezio's story, and the Animus puzzles you do with Desmond.
    The story was really good with Ezio, with an ending that had one of the most emotional moments in the franchise, where Ezio meets the legend resting in his chair, and pays his respects.
    The story with Desmond however, wasn't that great. Before Revelations, subject 16 was mysterious, didn't know how he looks, or what he really sounded like, or what his mental state was, why and what. In AC2 and Brotherhood you here strange messages from Subject 16, not fully understanding them.
    Then in Revelations, they just shove him in your face, ruining all the mystery. 
    Aside from the story, what did Revelations add?
    Well. Not much. Everything that was new in Brotherhood, was carried over to Revelations, and was exactly the same. 
    Same engine with the same combat, throwing axes and long swords was the same, crossbow was the same, parachutes were the same, liberating the Towers for each district was the same, with the slight change in the eagle vision where you had to track the tower captain, instead of just spotting him. But the difference is minimal.
    Same Assassin Recruits with the same Assassination contracts, collectibles, full syncronization in missions, the look of the game and how it works was the same, and so on and so on. 
    What was new? The Hook Blade, and the craftable bombs. 
    The Hookblade let you climb faster, jump farther, and zipline. It also added a new sliding move to trip enemies, and roll over them. But that's it. It could have been an add on to Brotherhood. 
    Craftable bombs. Many different types of bombs, all of them do the same thing. Explode. Sticky bombs, impact bombs, tripwire, bouncy bombs, whatever. I will say that the distraction type bombs were a good addition, like blocking paths with spikes, or frightening guards with the spray bomb. A cool addition, but didn't change or add too much.
    The Assassin dens being under attack is cool, adding a new depth where you mus defend them, and have a chance to even lose them, but again, this difference is minimal. 
    The rest of the game was exactly the same. Adding two things to your arsenal and tweaking the eagle vision a bit doesn't change much, which is why it was boring, because it felt like Brotherhood round two. And Revelations didn't even have horses, so that is one major thing taken OUT. 

    AC3 was a whole new type of Assassin's Creed. It is the first game in the franchise to completely change everything from the ground up. A totally new engine, with new running, new climbing, new combat, new arsenal, new crafting system, new hunting, new enemy types, etc..
    Almost nothing was carried over from the previous games, except for the two hidden blades. 
    First of all, AC3 looked and felt different from any past AC game. The running an climbing animations were completely new.
    AC3 added a whole new combat system. Each button had a different function during combat. Now instead of only countering with square/X, you parry with circle/B, and then can either choose to disarm, kill, or throw your enemy. Depending on the type of enemy, there are different ways to kill them, since each one is resistant to a different move, and you were forced to remember which one takes them down.
    Some could block a counter, and be vulnerable to a disarm, and some could block a disarm, but are vulnerable to a throw, etc..
    You could also press triangle/Y after parrying to use your rope dart or pistol as a counter kill. If you had an Ax, pressing triangle/Y would make you throw the Ax on your enemy.
    Another new addition to the combat was body shields. Since the enemies now have muskets, you find yourself often in situation where enemies try to shoot you from afar. While they aim, you can use another soldier as a meat shield, and when they're done shooting you can kill em all. 
    AC3 had an all new arsenal. The bow, pistols, rope dart, poison darts, and tomahawk, which utilized the hidden blade at the same time. 
    The bow had a different aiming system. You could either use the cross hair to aim, or you could wait till the enemy is highlighted. Either way, holding down the fore button for longer made a more accurate and stronger shot. Sometimes if you only tap the fire button, the enemy/animal would not be killed by just one arrow. 
    Pistols were an easy way to quickly kill enemies. Having only one pistol worked similarly to the pistol Ezio had, but if you would craft a double holster, you could kill two enemies, and if you had two double barrel pistols, you could kill four enemies one after the other. If you get lucky with the duckfoot pistol, which fire three at a time, you could even kill 3 enemies with one shot. 
    Throwing knives were replaced with poison darts. Similar to poison blade/shot from Brotherhood. 
    Rope dart was another new addition. 
    You can hang soldiers from trees, pull them in closer to you, or use it as a quick knock down during combat.
    Which brings us to the next new thing. Tree climbing. A brilliant addition.
    You could now climb trees, quickly and fluently. Shoot guards or animals from above, or even drop down on them.
    The entire map of the Frontier had many natural structures, that also included rock structures that could also be climbed. 
    AC3 had four maps. Homestead, Boston, New York, and the Frontier.
    One of the things that I did not like about the America settings, was the flat and uninteresting buildings. Climbing to rooftops was ten times less interesting than it was in previous games. But, the city streets were filled with life, and the allies in between buildings were fun to run through, and served as good hiding spots. 
    In both Boston and New York, there was an entire underground section, that you had to uncover yourself, to unlock doors to unlock fast travel points. Lighting the hallways as you went, fighting guards in the darkness, and doing puzzles to unlock each door was a fun and interesting addition to the game.
    In Brotherhood, you just repair the entrance in each district and enter them to fast travel. 
    In AC3 you actually had to enter them and find your way, which was very nice. 
    The Homestead was a nice throw back to Monterigionni Villa in AC2, where you have an entire map to yourself, with no enemies. The Homestead was also twice as interactive, with many side missions within the Homestead, introducing you to the different characters who lived there. 
    We also had the Frontier, a massive map, made up of mostly trees, rocks, and wild life, where you could hunt many types of animals, to sell their items, craft with them, or complete delivery requests, as one of the absurd amount of side content AC3 had. 
    Hunting Society, Frontiersman, Thief's Club, and Boston Brawlers were all 3 part missions for each of the different factions in the game. 
    In each map, there were a number of forts to liberate, which was new. They all had many different entry points. You had to destroy the cargo, kill the captain and then take down the flag. 
    Both cities also had districts which had to be liberated by doing a number of liberation missions, like freeing civilians, stopping taxes, and helping riots. 
    With each new main liberation mission, you gained an Assassin recruit.
    The Assassin recruits more or less worked the same as in Brotherhood. Send them to missions, call them in to help you, or have them take out a large group with the Marksmen from above. A new addition to the Assassin recruits was the option to disguise them as soldiers and act like they were escorting you as a prisoner, to enter restricted areas. 
    AC3 was also the first game to have dynamic weather effects. Rain, wind, snow. And the character would actually walk slower in deep snow, which was a nice touch. 
    Naval gameplay was a new addition to the franchise. During the American Revolution, many off shore battles took place, and AC3 showed some of them to you. 
    There were many Naval missions on the side, that were interesting and fun. You could upgrade your ship, the Aquila, to have better arsenal and armor, to withstand strong attacks better. 
    Many missions had you take over forts, board ships or simply destroy ships.
    Captain Kid's treasure was another fun side mission, that had you complete many puzzles and had you visit different and interesting locations.
    All these things were very new to the franchise, and was a huge leap from the past few games.  
    The story in AC3 was strong, especially from the Desmond side this time around. Desmond was now a full fledged Master Assassin, who went on actual missions in the Modern Day, to find the fragments that they needed to open the bridge in the fortress they found, which was built by "those who came before". 
    Most of the game revolved around the key, which Connor find in the end and buries for only Desmond to find. The missions outside the animus were strong and very fun, especially the one where you revisit Abstergo that you escaped in the intro of AC2. 
    I agree, that Connor wasn't a very interesting character. Haytham was a lot more charismatic and likable. Connor wasn't even a true Assassin in the sense. He was just an native who joined the Brotherhood only to protect his tribe. He wasn't really an Assassin who worked for the Brotherhood, who fought to keep the pieces of Eden from the Templars. He mostly just did what he's told, and got revenge from Lee for killing his mother.
    The twist of your father being a Templar was a nice touch to the story and overall plot of the game. I especially liked the missions where Connor and Haytham teamed up, for "mutual benefit", the first time you see and Assassin and a Templar working together. 
    Throughout the campaign with Connor, you see many famous events from the American Revolution, like the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the "The British are coming!" 
    The revenge driven story was also a very strong element. When Connor meets Lee for the first time in years, you feel the tension, and you want to kill that evil bastard. And the final chase was epic! 
    The ending of Connor's story was satisfying, with Lee taking his last sip, and Connor assassinating him.
    The ending with Desmond, was.. the end.
    He sacrificed himself, and releases the godess into the world. No game after this continued the story with Rebecca or Shawn or Desmond's father, and nothing was said about the godess being released out into the physical world.
    Which brings us to the next game.

    AC4 was the next Revelations. Same engine, same combat, same naval gameplay, same arsenal more or less, with a few new additions that didn't change much.
    The main major things that was added was the seamless open world with jumping on and off the ship whenever you like, exploring islands and battling other ships in the open sea.  
    Instead of a bow, you have the blow pipe. You have sleep darts and berserk darts. Berkserk darts make the enemies fight each other. Well what's the point of that? You can just poison them and they're dead right away. It was just a minor addition for entertainment, that doesn't make much of a difference. 
    Most of the islands looked all the same. Some were in restricted areas guarded by ship, but the island itself was the same. Finding treasures had no real reward except for loots that don't really matter too much. Hunting was a lot less important than in AC3, and you encounter ten times less animals than in AC3. 
    The only difference between the naval gameplay in AC3 to the naval gameplay in AC4, was that in AC4 it was in the open world, and not in missions. Other than that, it was the same attacking forts, and the same boat gameplay. Sure, boarding the ships whenever you want and choosing to either sell or recruit the crew members was a nice addition. But again, it's not that important in the long run, and it really doesn't make a difference. 
    The crew of the ship completely replaces the Assassin Recruits, which is lame, since your crew can't be used outside of your ship. Oh, and Edward isn't an Assassin. He's a bloody Pirate. I will give Black Flag that as a Pirate game, it is impressive, since it revolves around him being a pirate. Which is why they should have labeled it "Ubisoft's open world pirate game" (Maybe also set in the same Universe as AC, and you'll have an AC eater egg here and there) 
    But the story of the Assassin's vs Templars was barely shown here. 
    Edward was lame. Atleast Connor was loyal and a Brave Heart. Edward was just a prick who fucked girls and was only interested in money. In the opening he kills an Assassin, and takes his robes to get his reward. Amazing. 
    The story outside the animus pretty ended in AC3. The first person missions in Modern Day were very, very boring, and stupid. 
    So again, just like Revelations, AC4 had the exact same engine as AC3, with few minor additions that didn't really make much of a difference overall, and made the game feel like AC3 round 2. 

    Assassin's Creed Unity looks like it will be the best Assassin's Creed yet. They have added so much new in Unity, it's not even funny.
    A whole new engine. The densest and most immersive city ever created, with thousands of NPC's on screen thank to next gen. 30 percent of the buildings now have interiors, letting you jump from roof top to window, onto a tree out the window and into another building. All the building have many levels and entrances. Random murder, thief, and riot events on the streets. A whole new combat system which removes counter, which makes it more challenging than ever. New and improved, more fluent and smoother climbing, letting you climb diagonally on walls, and also control your descent. 
    A whole new customization option for your Assassin. You have different types of classes with different types of hoods which gives you different types of abilities, which let's you play your way. Stealth, heavy, range, agility, etc..
    A whole new arsenal with throwable smoke bombs, and equipable spears. A new co-op mode with different types of missions that let you play with three other Assassins. 
    And most importantly, a good main character. Arno looks like the next Ezio. 

  22. god I want ezio back ???. the other assassins are pretty bad ass though. connor had a mean streak, Edward was cool, Jacob was meh in my opinion.

  23. I'm glad that they know that AC3 is their best game, setting and protagonist because he's a native American with the perfect personality for a boy who witnessed his village burned down. All the bandwagoners either never played the game or obviously just jump on the bandwagon. If we're being real than Ac4 was the worst with all the pointless boat sailing which was sooooooo boring and awful

  24. Finally got round to playing this installment of AC. Yes, for the first time… In 2019. Still fighting against my own muscle memory and trying to forget the existence of a counter command. Have had to truly think about making my approach towards targets in missions or making a quick getaway even against a mere trio of heavily armed opponents.

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