Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – Announcement Trailer

Return to Hong Kong with Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Due for release in October, it comes complete with 1080p visuals and 24 DLC packs.

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  1. Guys, please buy this game. Probably they needed the extra money to make the sequel, Sleeping Dogs 2: Triad Wars even better and more awesome. With the extra funds, they can have all they need to make it a perfect open-world game. Sleeping Dogs 1 was amazing. Hong Kong felt so real. And it made me decide to go to Hong Kong myself and explore that place (and I actually did visit those places that Wei Shen visited in the game, that was awesome). So, in truth, this re-release is just a money making ploy. So please buy it! LOL

  2. All you idiots that claim the PC vwersion is already the better version are wrong, it takes several mods to make the game remotely playable, the graphics are also not as good as the console, this is one of those few moments were the console versions got better reviews.

  3. OMFG LMAO ROFL I just realized, those are live action video designed to fool us… LMAO, no wonder the 'graphics' is so great… you almost got me SE, now with you turned your back on some of us with tomb raider I guess I won't double dip this lol.

  4. WOW, the grapix are are so real man. I can't wait to pay $60 for this! I was going to buy this game for like $5 until I seen the photo realistic grapix and I thought " why not throw an extra $55 at this game". 

    sigh  GG gaming industry 

  5. These definitive editions need to stop. I don't have a problem with these remasters as long as there is enough demand for a game to be remastered. The last of us is a prime example of that. People WANTED the last of us on ps4. But no one asked for sleeping dogs to be remastered and no one asked for tomb raider to be remastered.

  6. if you shit heads are mad because this game got remastered for x1 and ps4 you people should be ashamed of yourself this is for people that havent played it yet so they can play it on there new consoles and why get mad if you dont like what squareenix is doing then just dont buy the game.

  7. Excellent game. Not enough people played it. I got it free with my graphics card two weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it. It's hilarious going from Watch Dogs to Sleeping Dogs and seeing how a 2012 game looks SO much better than a 2014 hyped up AAA one. I'd recommend Sleeping Dogs to anyone. 

  8. Why is everyone so pissy about this but not the Last of Us update? Speaking as someone who played this on an Xbox when it first came out, seeing this kinda' makes me want a current gen console.

  9. Little more than a month left until release and we have nothing but a live action trailer. SHOW ME THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE! And can we disable dlc in the game if we want? I have the original, and just one of those packs makes getting money SUBSTANTIALLY easier, but all of the dlc at the same time? NO CHALLENGE WHATSOEVER.

  10. This Game Sucks! the graphics look like PS2, And i'm not even exaggerating!

    I played it for the Xbox 360 and it just sucked. So im pretty sure its going to be as bad in the new consoles. There just trying to make money off people, since they didn't make enough last time it released 

  11. I think I enjoyed this game more than GTA V to be honest, it's for sure better than Watch_Dogs. This game is one of those buried treasures, a re-release might do this game justice….idk why they are releasing it for pc though, we already have the HD texture pack lol….also it's dirt cheap.

  12. Well I've never herd of this game until now, tells you how much of an impact this game had in the gaming community so that being said remastered or not it's probably a really shitty game.

  13. If this game came out a month or so ago I would have got it. Now though, with Watchdogs being such a disappointment,I am just going to  wait until November for the GTA 5 next gen release. As good as Sleeping Dogs was, GTA 5 Is the best open world game with cars etc in my opinion. I can't believe I thought at one point Watchdogs would take that crown, Damn you Ubisoft with your amazing marketing, lies and hype!

  14. Either this game has some amazing graphics or they were too lazy to make a trailer that actually displays the game's content…

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