Mortal Kombat X – Raiden Trailer

Check out this Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer featuring Raiden.

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  1. So I'm noticing every character has 3 different variations and in those variations they have something different of how they look, for instance Kano he changes the color light in his chest it can be green,red,or yellow to show witch variation it is I believe every character has that I'm trying to figure out raidens I can only find one and that is the last variation in this video where the top of his hat has blue thunder signs on it does anybody else notice this

  2. Hmm ended up 'Unleashing and Conjuring' this 3100 word Piece today about our favorite Earthrealm Protector and Defender:

    From the Sun-Rise,
    To the Moon and Sun-Set,
    The Lightning and the Thunder Loomed,
    Casting out … even the Sun …

    Earth Realm’s Protector,
    Its Ancient Defender,
    Purifier of the Jinsei,
    Tender of the Jinsei,
    Lightning Warrior,
    God Fighter,
    He Fights For the Critical Hour,
    He stands tall as the Heavenly Tower,
    He will Never Truly Cower,
    His Thunder and Power shall but Devour,
    The Moment he Glowered,
    You knew you’d be Wise to Swear A Vowers…
    Yet under his Hat and Gaze,
    The Lightning Fresh Ablaze,
    The Thunder ready to Raze,
    The Dazzling Display of Light yet so easily Phased,
    Yet the Thunder God’s Power … you’d be but so Amazed…

    He is always Watching,
    He is always Protecting,
    He is always Defending,
    He is always Unyielding,
    His Thunder but Wielding,
    Earthrealm not be harmed … so long as his Thunder was Shielding!

    Centuries to Millenials … guiding Earthrealm’s very Destiny,
    Mentoring the Warriors to Strong Credulity,
    Sacrifices but so Endlessly,
    For Each Battle was but a Memory,
    He Prepares for Invasions and Fights but Readily,
    Through the Eons of Earthrealm’s History,
    You bet you’d find the Thunder God’s Very Ancient Legacy,
    He shall ensure Earthrealm shall not fall Helplessly,
    The Endless Struggles for Harmony,
    The Arrogance and Ignorance of the Heavenly,
    Left the Thunder God Alone in this Line of Guardian’s Duty,
    For few truly understood the Dangers of the Outer Realm’s Conquests … henceforth the Storms of Severity!
    To Avoid Shao Kahn’s Ascendancy,
    To Ensure only Earthrealm’s Very Victory!
    The Preservation of Earthrealm’s Humanity!
    Even be it the Destruction of Current and Future Foes with Utmost Extremity!
    To Avoid Shao Kahn’s Tyranny … and Utter Hegemony!
    For It be vital the Thunder God assume a Form an Entity,
    For he had forsaken his Immortality!

    From the Heavens He Observed,
    Yet the Ambition of Shao Kahn raised the Thunder God’s Very Concerned,
    Where the attendants of the Shaolin Tournament He Warned,
    To the Outer Realm the Thunder God soon Disappeared!
    For the Safety and Security of Earth Realm He’d Conserve…
    Yet until he would Reappear,
    Have no True Fear!
    For as Earth Realm’s Loyal Guardian and Protector,
    He shall Ensure the Survival of All Far and Near!
    For despite refusal of the Outer Gods to Interfere,
    He will not leave denizens of Earthrealm in Despair!
    For this would damage beyond Repair!
    For the Sacrifice of his Immortality,
    Yet for the sake of Earthrealm’s Dire Security,
    Regardless of the Tournament’s Bloody Fatalities!

    Yet the Dilemma of the Protector,
    Banished in Earth and Outworld’s Mergers,
    The Warriors He must Nurture,
    The Shame and Pain to Endure,
    Saving Trouble and Countless Murders,
    Yet the Choice was sometimes to Suffer,
    There be No The More Wiser!
    For Earthrealm’s Warriors,
    Shall be Shao Kahn’s very Counters!

    The Tyranny of Shao Kahn,
    The Ambition of Kotal Kahn,
    The Schemes of Shang Tsung,
    The Tricks of Quan Chi,
    The Betrayal of Shinnok,
    The Resurrection of Onaga,
    The Unknown Darkness and Shadow,
    Alas! The Events of Evil but Foreshadowed…

    Powerful beyond Measure,
    Loyal beyond Measure,
    Wise beyond Measure,
    Unyielding beyond Measure,
    He seeks to Preserve,
    Free-Will and Good to Treasure,
    The Anger and Force of Thunder He could Feature,
    To Destroy Evil Creatures,
    And Halting Evil Doers…

    Since the Dawn of Earth,
    He has guarded it’s Sacred Birth,
    Then the Mortal Kombat … to test the Might and Worth,
    For since the Earth’s Youth,
    To Protect and Seek the Truth!
    For on the Dark and Earthrealm’s side,
    The Turning of the Tide,
    Alas! It Fuels the Tide,
    There is No True Pride,
    Eons and Eons of Endless Patience,
    Alas! He is the Embodiment of the Jinsei … the Kamidogu’s the Earth Realm’s Living Heart and Essence…

    Yet as be the Time of the Primeval,
    To the Rising of the Evil,
    Shao Kahn struck his Anvil,
    Yet by the Thunder God’s Will,
    The Earthrealm will Survive and Fight to a Standstill,
    For even in the Heavens,
    One cannot simply just Lie,
    No Fear Nor Evil Shall Even Easily Disguise,
    Not to the Eyes of the Wise,
    For Of the Outer Realm’s Fear, Pain and Raw Anger,
    For Do Not Panic!
    For It Shall But Fuel Unearthly Passions and Birth to the Deepest Eternal Despairs,
    By a Flight of Destiny’s Stairs,
    Yet of the Realms of the Gods, Living and the Mortal and of the Death and Desire,
    There is the Tournament of Mortal Kombat. … where only a Champion takes all,
    Whilst many can Fall,
    Yet only one Worthy stood Tall,
    Yet guided by the God of Thunder … Alas! His Strength be that of an Iron Wall!
    Yet in the End,
    To the broken and the damaged one could Mend,
    Yet One Could Never can Fool nor Hide,
    For only One Worthy Champion shall but Decide,
    The Fate of all but Forevermore,
    Aligned either Earth or the Outer Realm’s Side…

    Raised on the Heavens,
    Gazing Upon Earth
    He be Wizened and Studied all the One Knew,
    Yet Eons and Time had passed… where the Thunder God’s Powers grew,
    Many He would have seen would slew,
    Yet the Arrogance and Danger of a Few,
    His Patience and Anger by Flared,
    The Trouble that Brewed,
    Had only,
    The Elder Gods Knew …

    Mentoring Earth Realm’s Warriors,
    From the Resolute of Young Liu Kang,
    The Pride of the Kungs,
    To the Brash of Johnny Cage,
    The No-Nonsense of Jackson Briggs,
    The Impulsiveness of Sonya Blade,
    The Vengeance of Scorpion,
    The Cold-Hearted Nature of Sub-Zero,
    The Nature of Earthrealm,
    Alas! Yet the Thunder God knew he was obliged and Duty-Bound,
    For All the Mortal’s Moral Defects!
    Yet All Whom Still He Had Sworn to Guide and Protect!

    The Spirit of the Heavens,
    Guardian of the Earth Realm,
    Alas, of the Heavens and Earth Realm,
    He became Cynical and Disillusioned,
    The Apathy of the Elder Gods made him but at Unease and Dissatisfied,
    By yet of Evil’s Pride,
    The Apathetic Snides
    One had to be Wise,
    To Pick the Right Sides…

    For disproval from the Heavens,
    Meekness from the Weaklings,
    Stupidity of Simple Mortals,
    Weakness from Some Mortals,
    The Downfall of Earthrealm … that the Thunder God would Dread and Fear …

    The Responsibility and Duties,
    Great Powers are not Law-Bound nor simply Handed by Mortal Flesh,
    Nor by the Simple Mortal Soul,
    It can Claim and Taint the Innocent,
    And even the Wisest of the Greatest Minds,
    For the Great Powers display no Mercy,
    For They Be neither Benign, Kind nor Divine,
    Yet The Potential Rage Unleashed…
    Was yet Never so Sublime!

    Yet Despite Our Efforts,
    Always Renewed the Outer Realm’s Evil Always Intensified,
    Yet It Returned Rewind and Refreshed,
    For the Eons and the Centuries and Millennia’s Countless Ages,
    None could match the Gradual Build-Up of Rage,
    For of the Thunder God’s Power and Force,
    What Wrath and Fates be Far Worst?
    Then the Heart of Thunder that Burned behind his Eyes,
    Shone a Glowing Lightning Rage,
    The Intriguing of even his Inner Darkest Sides,
    No Page, of the Books and Scholarly Tomes … could even Describe
    The Gradual Dark Entity … that rested … for so long was it but Encaged …

    From the Raw Voids of Despair and the Emptiness,
    Of the Potential Conquering of the Outer Realm’s Evil and Darkness,
    To Endure Endless Cycles of Pain,
    To Prevent Shao Kahn’s Tyrannical Reign,
    The God’s Amulets and the Kamidogu…the Endless Power to Gain,
    Yet the Reward for the Trials of these Painful Cycles,
    In the End … we could never truly Purge the Outer Realm of the Dark Mantle …

    Countless Violence,
    The Violent Deaths…
    The Blood and Flesh that ran Life with Each Mortal Breath,
    Like the Strength of the Dragon and Serpents, Power grows to many Lengths,
    The Dearth of Passion,
    Devoid of any Trace of Compassion,
    From Chains of Desperate Bloody Struggle,
    To Shinnok the Elder God’s Betrayal,
    The Earthrealm and even the Heavens was befuddled,
    For only passion is the key,
    For true peace to breeze…
    By the Trial of Thunder!
    By the Display of Lightning!
    Alas, through the Tournaments,
    Gods, Mortals, Beasts, Beings and Other Worlds all but Struggle,
    Only Earthrealm’s Victory… could truly ensure Freedom!

    Forever more and then,
    The Time when,
    The Heavens and Earthrealm to was He was Bound,
    The very Echoes of the Outerrealm’s Sound,
    Alas, the Evil and Darkness sounds,
    Schemes from the Insidious,
    Hence You would be Wise… to heed the words of the Elder God,
    For his words smite more than any Authority’s Rod!

    But who is the God of Thunder? The Earth’s Ancient Defender? The Protector?
    For now you know – the God of Thunder,
    For just you remember – for He is Raiden!
    He be none other this God of Thunder!
    He Protects the Weak … the Smites the Evil…
    Of his Powers… what more could a Mortal Wonder?,
    Adorned in Colour of the Sea and of the Pure-Minded,
    With the Trademark Coolee Hat of Simplicity and Humble Straw,
    Yet not just the Power of the Thunder and Lightning,
    But his Mastery of the Fighting Art was simply Free of any Flaws,
    To Ensure he would not Easily Fall,
    For So Long as Raiden Lives … He be Earth Realm’s Solid Wall!

    Evil Doers and Fools! You think you can conquer the Earthrealm?
    For you Dare to Challenge Him?
    You know … to Fight Mortal Kombat is not a Game so easily a Child can Play,
    For the moment you were dead and gone … the end of your Day,
    Where Raiden shall be your Answer,
    His Power … Alas! It will not answer your Prayers,
    For he shall Burn an Opponent with the Power of Thunder,
    He shall Topple Shao Kahn’s Tower,
    Fools! Upon Defeat … you can Try to Run,
    But you will never Hide!
    For the moment he deems you an Enemy … a Foe … you best swallow your Pride, For whilst Godzilla is Protector of the Earth,
    Raiden the Loyal Defender of Earth,
    For the God of Thunder since the Earthrealm’s Sacred Birth!
    Yet in the End …when you realized … you could not deceive him … you could not truly defeat him …
    For if one wished to Survive,
    And need not to Hide,
    For your sake at the End,
    When he heeds Advice … Heed It! For better than your Lives and Souls to Spend…

    Yet the moment the Elder Gods had started Mortal Kombat?
    Yet the Instigation of Shang Tsung,
    Yet thus all Warriors had Gathered!
    To Begin the Fighting Warrior's tournament
    Yet the Gore, and Blood and Pure Utter Violence,
    Yet it was the mere Fighting Art’s Essence,
    Yet in the end … you be Prudent and Wise,
    The Moment there was the Thunder God’s Presence …

    For Raiden Summoned all Fighter about and around,
    Yet of all Contestants,
    The Warriors and the Combatants,
    Yet for the Prize,
    Yet the Petty Jealousies,
    And the Meaningless Rivalries…
    None would have truly ever Thought,
    Of the Potential Destruction the Outer Realm’s Darkness had Wrought!

    Alas! The Lightning was but always Brilliant!
    The Luminance,
    Yet of the Thunder and Lightning Essence,
    The Chaos and the Realms be in a State of War and Flux,
    The Shift and Changing Nightmares and Dreams,
    The Defeat of Shao Kahn and the Earthrealm and Outer Realm would Merge,
    But in the End,
    The Earth shall always have its Damage Mend,
    To Evil it shall never Truly Bend,
    For it remains free of the Darkness,
    And all Foes … shall face Despair and Emptiness,
    For the Final Judgement!
    For Earthrealm’s Noble Warriors and Gods shall Fight!
    To Ensure Earth be Free in the Light!
    For as the Thunder and the Lightning shone so Bright!
    The True Power and Raiden’s Might!
    Of the Elder Beings and Gods…

    For then the Brave fought Well,
    Even through the Tournament’s Hell,
    The Lightning Currents Swell,
    The Striking … as be that of a Bell!
    Yet so Long as Earthrealm could Defend,
    Yet of Raiden’s Judgement it could Depend,
    To Ensure Shao Kahn will never Conquer All,
    Yet still to rally with Raiden … Our Allies and Friends stand Tall!
    For we be Earthrealm’s very Walls,
    Alas! These Walls shall but Never Truly Fall!
    We shall not subject to the Outer Realm’s Law!

    Yet even those in their Hearts burned Revenge,
    There be other ways of Peace … where you could retract your Revenge,
    Alas! Your Grudge now be Reneged,
    For sometimes even with the Desperation and the Sacrifice,
    It was not enough to Suffice!
    For some Visions came to but Pass!
    Where the Traitors to the Earthrealm,
    Are now but the Mercy of the Outer Realm!
    For you be Wise to be Loyal to your Realm!

    For yet Raiden and his allies shall endure Assaults from the Shadows,
    Yet Silent be as to the Hills,
    The Time has but Changed,
    For even if one’s own Faith,
    Was but Lithe,
    And but Weathering the Trials of the Storms,
    Vital Lives to Spare,
    In the Future … you should always be but Aware,
    For perhaps then it could answer Earthrealm’s Prayers…

    Yet the moment you put your Trust in the God of Thunder,
    He be sure not to make worth of any Blunder,
    For in the end in his Faith … he knows the True Victor!
    For he knows too the True Answer…
    For So Long as the Innocent are free from the Tyranny of Shao Kahn forever,
    Yet Take Heed!
    To the Price of a Costly Victory,
    For Raiden too asks himself too … what has all this Achieved?
    Yet in the End … no matter the Effort … no matter the Sacrifice,
    The Future shall not be Wasted!
    For even despite His Vice!
    For the sake to free the Earthrealm … of the Outer Realm’s Devices!

    Foes shall be but Punished!
    Evil not be Worshipped!
    Seeking Answers not of the Elder Gods …
    But to make a Distinction,
    Yet the Cost of the Lives of the Innocents!
    To Punish Shao Kahn’s Violation!
    Raiden will not yield to Temptation,
    Yet he ensures a worth Warrior to continue Earthrealm’s Succession!
    For even the Swallowing of Pride … He sacrificed his time in the Heavens,
    Beyond help of Salvations,
    Yet to the Depths at times … of the Outer Realm’s Workings … and Twisted Distortions…

    For just Remember,
    The Elder Gods shall Watch, but Raiden is the Protector,
    The Eternal Defender,
    The Mentor,
    He Leads and Guides he Warriors,
    Yet beware of the Gods of the Elder,
    For the Rage and Anger shall befall upon the Unworthy,
    For whilst Shao Kahn’s Victory was but only Temporary,
    For in the end … the Earthrealm shall not Suffer,
    Shao Kahn and Evil Doer’s advances shall be Hindered,
    We shall Atone for our Blunders,
    For by the Judgement of the Thunder,
    Power beyond many Wonders,
    For yet only a Penalty be but so Sharp yet to the Mind always Clear,
    For the Tournament’s Rules shall but be Adhered,
    For even the Greatest of the Fallen …
    For even with the Dead, the Fallen and those Gone,
    For even the Bitter Lost and Costs … the Evil shall be but Over…

    For by the Judgement of the Gods of Elder,
    It be Decreed Their Order,
    There be Fates and Wrath … that shall test be the Might and Bane,
    For your Pleas and Mercy but in Vain,
    Should you taint those Warriors of Good Names,
    Soon Foes shall learn of Pain,
    Our Foes Weaken and grow Lame,
    For whilst the Dark may become Stronger,
    Shao Kahn’s Rule shall never be Forever,
    For he shall not advance beyond … Earthrealm’s Borders!

    For Raiden is the Light Side,
    The Realm of the Heaven and Earth,
    For he stands against all Evil, against all Dark Passions,
    Earthrealm’s Warriors and the Power of the Pure and Lightning he embraced with Pride,
    For so long as he Protects … Earthrealm stands Strong and Tall …
    With no Fear to Hide,
    The Light Side and the Earthrealm He ensures Abides,
    The Darkness and Outer Relam He could only Spite and Snide,
    For He’s a God of Thunder… Lightning through his Veins…the Jinsei be his Essence… for whilst even Mortal … mere Flesh is not His True Essence,
    Enemies and Foes Cower and Fall, at his Very Presence,
    Yet Warriors of Earthrealm Invigorated in Awe at his Presence!
    For a Strong Noble Fighting Spirit,
    Earthrealm … he shall Sacrifice to Preserve It!
    For even if Danger Grows, when the Outer Realm resides near it,
    Only the Strong and the Wise … shall be there to Defeat It!

    Yet whilst the Fighting Master,
    And the Great Defender and Noble Wise Protector,
    Raiden’s Greatest Power …
    Was when you heard the Thunder,
    And yet then … his Lightning Beams were but His Signature,
    For the Lightning Beams that struck…yet the Unfortunate Foe would scream in Agony…
    Yet even in Sacrifice … He would unleash a Beam beyond Destructive Fury!
    Be As the Winds that Whistles,
    The Lightning Crackled,
    The Winds that Screeched,
    One Moment he is Near,
    And Then He Suddenly Disappeared!
    If This be Your Fear,
    Yet it be Courtesy of Teleportation! For He has a Range Never So Near…
    that the God of Thunder could Reach!
    For the moment you Froze…
    You knew that the Wrath of Thunder and Lightning … the Feast of Destruction was but about to be Unleashed!

    For whilst there are many Wicked Beings,
    The Evil Deeds,
    Hear the Dark Side Sings!
    For the Power it would Bring,
    But this be no mere Dream!
    For hear the Earthrealm’s Resistance Sing!
    For He, Raiden of the Light!
    Raiden the Ancient, the Powerful and Wise,
    He is the Protector and the Master … to ensure there be no Demise…

    Yet the Betrayal of Shinnok,
    The Realm of Heaven and Earth but Shook,
    The Many Lives and Victories the Traitor Took,
    Yet then with the cleansing of the Jinsei,
    Even the Spirit of Raiden but Shook,
    No Longer a mere Defender and by the Book,
    For too Long had the Earthrealm suffered,
    The Misery of War,
    The Many Horrors,
    Despite the Victories,
    There was none that be Free,
    Little Compensation for such Retribution,
    Rewarding Mercy with only Acts of Violence,
    This but too Senseless,
    For now to the God of Thunder you shall Heed!
    For thus Raiden Decreed,
    For whilst Earthrealm he shall Defend,
    But All Whom Threaten It Far and Near … He shall Destroy and Rend,
    Any Hopes for Evil He Shall But Bend,
    No Quarter … Nor Mercy,
    Nor Pleas,
    For even Elder Gods … shall but be at the Mercy of Justice’s Rods!
    For Just Remember,
    By the Judgement of the Thunder,
    Do not Regret your Blunder,
    For there Wonders,
    There are Fates Beyond Death,
    Just you Heed and Remember,
    For if you valued … your last living Breath…
    For by the Trial of Thunder,
    Alas! He is Raiden!
    Earthrealm’s Defender,
    Ancient God and Protector,
    Alas! He is Raiden,
    The True God of the Thunder!
    For even the Suns be Covered … by the Vast Power … of the God of Thunder…
    Alas! He is Raiden,
    Earthrealm’s Defender … the True God … of the Thunder…

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