Mortal Kombat X – Good Flow, Gross Fatalities

Fresh from arenas of Outworld Danny and Peter recount how Mortal Kombat X feels, what character variations are, and how gnarly the fatalities get.

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  1. The name is X and not 10 because people are supersticious, same reason why it was photoshop 6 7 8 and then cs2 cs3 etc… corel draw 7 8 9 x3 x4 x5. All to avoid the 13.

  2. I'd like to see Kabal make a return but doubt that will happen as he wasn't exactly one of the fan favourites, just one of mine.

  3. I hate when someone who doesn't play the game talks about it wtf thats a fucking downer… its like my mom going to test the game n I ask how was it n she says everything this guy said wit the glasses. I play street fighter! Totally two different games. That anime shit vs a gore game wtf

  4. is mortal kombat x out yet? I cant wait to buy im dying just to wait hear those tingly refreshing words those words that give you the chill up your spine FATALITY!.

  5. I think they should do this: wether Shang Tsung is in the game or not, if you play as the same character as your opponent, they should confuse their clone for Shang instead of saying the same intro.

  6. Simple if you don't like the game don't bother if you like the game buy it… brrrrrrrrr such many blah2 balsh here balh2 there shhhhhh…anyways they are not made for you it was design for the MK lovers

  7. Seriously this guy has no fucking clue what he's talking about. He keeps talking about street fighter and how it evolved and everything. No it hasn't! !!!!!

  8. OH MY GOD. The name of the game is mortal kombat…known for its gory and gross fatalities…if you cant handle it then go play something else. I just dont get why people are saying their uncomfortable know..did anyone else play mk9 and all its gore but me…

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