Metro 2033 Redux – Graphics Comparison

Check out the differences between Metro 2033 Redux and the original version.

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  1. which one should I get today, the original is free, redux is 4 bucks… seems like the old one looks grittier and nastier while the new one has better lighting and AI… all the things are important but stupid AI could be the killer here… anyone wanna help 😀

  2. In some points the original looka better, but in other points the redux looks better. I got the original for free on steam yesterday, wish me luck

  3. artyom's voice is better in the original version….the original voice have a sad tone which make it better

  4. Oh ngl i thought the redux was the first one

    and when i played it i said "daaam for this old game looks so good " i got it like for 5dlls i think in steam (like 3 or 4 years ago don't remember)

  5. 1:08 I never understood why they have to add these things in games and movies at every possible opportunity. Nobody can cross a road anymore without making it a near miss. Nobody can just hop on a car in the last moment, without the bumper falling off and a 2 minute perilous dangling scene.

    There was this one Game of Thrones Episode where we spent like 10 minutes of watching everyone present almost falling off the dragon, one after another. Like, if you predictably make every.single.time. someone gets into a car or climbs on a flying thing the same fucking dangling/near miss sequence, you dont add anything. Unless you expect your audience to have a 10 second attention span and you are afraid they'll start scrolling instagram if you don't yell: "Hey, i'm still here!", every 9 1/2 seconds. Well, i guess i found the answer while writing this. Nevermind.

  6. Вот вроде и обновлённая версия, а оригинал мне кажется более хорошим.
    Текстуры переделали, освещение не плохое в ремастере, но оригинал как-то теплее и приятнее. Да и во второй части тоже самое. Когда делали redux версию, как-то перестарались и немного не то вышло

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