inFamous: First Light Gameplay

Check out Fetch’s neon powers in this gameplay clip from the first standalone DLC for Infamous: Second Son.

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  1. i'm hoping that in the next full sized infamous game, sucker punch will make a more interesting story with more interesting characters. that's what lacked in second son. they nailed the visuals and gameplay but it's the just the story and characters that are disappointing compared to the first 2 games.

  2. Fitch is just so damn hot – But I'm not sure who is hotter out of her or the girl from watch dogs…I think the watch Dogs babe might get it just for the French accent and because she's not anti-drugs and drug dealers.

  3. They need to make an InFamous MMORPG where players pick conduit powers an create a character. Now that I would go crazy for.

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