Heroes of Might and Magic VII – Announcement Trailer Gamescom 2014

Ubisoft announced Heroes of Might at Gamescom 2014.

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  1. I think I know why the botched this release so much. They just could not take few more weeks so they had to release it looking like something that dog chewed few hours, then eated and later excremented.

    I mean you know what happens in November? Fallout 4 and Starcrafr 2 – LotV. These games would outshine HoMaM 7 if they would not be able to make this game look better by that time. And even then it would be bad for them to try compete in release date against these games.

    Other option would be to go with release somewhere in January with hopefully this mess sorted out… but that seemed too expensive to them it looks like.

    Well they chose and imho they chose poorly. At least in me they lost one paying customer because I will not buy this HoMaM 7 that seems to be worse then previous version with nothing new

  2. People that think 6 was shit clearly never play 3 and all fucking talk.

    If you think 7th or 5th is better than 6th, just shut the fuck up.

  3. Heroes 3 was good yes…. but stop comparing every fucking heroes game with 3 jeez…. 5 was a great game aswell. 6 was great aswell but it needed some time too run smooth with some updates. But by now you know ubisoft and you should not be suprized that 7 also needs time too run smooth so stop the hate ^^ and for the players who keeps talking about heroes 3: stand open for new shit or your not a homm fan x) ubisoft won't change we all know that lol

  4. look i know I'm in the minority here but can we get a game that comes after Dark Messiah? i kinda want to know what happens to Sareth

  5. I think heroes 6 was the best combination of graphics and gameplay… VII is meh….not that great of an improvement on graphics but gameplay went down :/ Although you still have the great classics of 3 and 5 but those are being held back by graphics instead of gameplay


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