Hellblade – Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Check out this new Gamescom 2014 trailer for Hellblade.

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  1. well as many say it is apparently a hack n slash game, i just hope being able to play with that chick, she looks badass and greedy for blood, i love that

  2. At least now they're back to doing their own thing and not taking over franchises they have no business touching. They can go back to making cinematic, pretty action games with decent gameplay. Hopefully some of the skills they gained from working with Capcom can make their first comepletely solid game

  3. This is the point were everyone gets to opinion on past ninja theory games(devilmaycry) and how they fucked up but it was still cool game. we know please stop.

  4. Still can't believe this isn't CGI. I love these developers. I feel like I was the only one who enjoyed the new DmC. I loved the style, atmosphere, and attitude. It was like playing an arcade game. I liked how it focused on being fun. This game looks beautiful and looks like it might be similar to Heavenly Sword. I can see a lot of creativity here. The character designs look phenomenal!

  5. ive3 noticed a trend with the new consoles….microsoft are playing it safe and sticking to their bread n butte while Sony seem to keep pumping out these games that are meant to be "revolutionary" all based on the spirit of nature or something otherworldly/ intangible and all of them are using tribal music backed by choirs…..its a little too pretentious and these games will probably suffer as most sony IP's do   a good idea but poorly executed and end up being terrible flops like KNACK

  6. 2015 will be the year with 90 percent female lead characters…and will also be the year I am no longer interested in a games story…hopefully the feminists will be happy though, that's all that matters in today's politically correct world.

  7. Holy hate. Sorry everyone this isn't going to be your typical RPG. The story is going to be really different as is ninja theory's thing. I don't understand you people. You all seem to want the same junk that gets pumped into the gaming industry year after year and when something new comes along you start hating it before you've even played it. Same thing happened to DMC, which was a fantastic game that everyone shat on just because "our precious little Dante didn't have white hair". Change is what this industry needs. Different stories, characters that we remember and have dynamic personalities.

    I'm sorry but Heavenly sword was a ahead of its time in dynamic story telling and character development with the use of the facial capturing. This is going to be a different game that I am quite confident I will love. The cinematic sold me on the atmosphere and kind of the last ditch/alone against the darkness vibe. I am guessing all of you that are hating on this game already didn't play or at least probably didn't understand heavenly sword. That's ok and I'm glad you won't be getting this game because it isn't going to spoon feed you the story like all the other cookie cutter garbage that gets a 10 on IGN.

  8. I can't believe I am the first one commenting after the release of this motherfuckingly great and fantastic game, with an absurdly well-built story and character.

  9. No entiendo.por que cambiaron el.diseño de senua aquí en este vídeo se miraba agresiva y que se toma las cosas enserio y en cambio ahora que salió el juego parece una niña temerosa y con problemas psicológicos y muy débil que mal que hayan echo eso pero bueno ya nimodo es algo que ninja theory así lo considero importante

  10. Played & finished the game in 2021 for the 1st time. Was curious to see how it was presented in 2014. Visually it's quite different from the very impressive final product.

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