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Hands-On With Dragon Age: Inquisition's Multiplayer

Game Informer’s Joe Juba and Kim Wallace talk about what it’s like to play Dragon Age: Inquisition’s dungeon-crawling multiplayer.

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  1. I'm excited. Mass Effect 3's multiplayer was some of the best co-op gameplay I've played. I hope they improve the connection this time though, it was almost impossible for me to get through a match without disconnecting or having my team mates lose connection.

  2. The rogue class is looking good! can't wait for November it's already going to be a crazy month with Far Cry and The Crew coming out

  3. Everyone who liked ME3 multiplayer is a fucking idiot.
    That multiplayer was bland, boring and the same shit every match so you can bullshit all you want that ohh i was addicted meh meh meh but you know your just selling yourself like the people in the video.

  4. Is this online co-op only? Or can you local, too? I play most games with my ♥ and would totally suck to not be able to play this mode together just because we are in the same room!

  5. To be fair, ME3 multiplayer wasn't that great. It would have been so much better as a structured adventure, or at least a structured map that you progress through, rather than a circle with respawns. It just felt so super pointless. And you'd end up getting jibbed because some of the respawn waves were just utter shit.

    Also the cynic in me, "You can spend some time if you want" translates to "we made it super painful to advance your character without forking some cash over."

  6. hmm online only i guess? sadly i wouldn't be surprised, highly disappointed though. it seems as though offline co op is getting a big old f-u from all game developers…

  7. They do know that Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was basically dead after a month, right?  People only played it to get their War Assets up in order to beat the game.  The multiplayer was pretty freakin' terrible and boring and shoe-horned in because EA are money grubbing bastards who love destroying beloved franchises and an industry they don't understand.

    The only comparison you should make for multiplayer to ME3 is that "this is much better than it was in that game and much more rewarding".

  8. I put more time in ME3's COOP than I did in the story. I see this happening again; know what I might just go straight to multiplayer on this and do the story/game after getting my fill of the COOP. SUPER EXCITED !!!

  9. I hope you can explorer the world in MP and not just area's. It would be nice to have a playable open world where you and your friend can explorer and find the random and unknown adventures that challenge you and reward you with items. It'd be nice if you are able to have a castle keep where everyone/friends can make there area there own. Making this the portal of all your adventures and having meeting at the round table to tackle difficult missions in the open world.

  10. I don't get this. Is this just two people discussing a game or what. Is it scripted. The girl seems like she knows about the multiplayer but pretends not to while the guy explains it. Just the way they talked didn't seem natural.

  11. Multiplayer in this game was totally awfull. Its a constant one dimentional grind just like Diablo only far, far worse. Me and 3 friends bought the game and planned on playing it together. After 3 hours last night, we all desided to refund the game.

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