Gauntlet – Co-Op Gameplay Walkthrough Official Trailer

Take an in-depth look into the heroes, game modes and lore of the rebirth of the multiplayer classic.

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  1. Hmm I remember playing Gauntlet on N64 and in the arcade which was always a great co-op game, but this trailer makes it look almost identical to Diablo 3 don't you think? Unless it has 4-player couch co-op then I don't see the point in getting this.

  2. I'd been waiting so many years for someone to remake this game. it finally happened. and they decided to make it windows only. never a day goes by that I regret buying a mac instead of a PC. :~:

  3. Why the fuck did they waste the coolest character on a female? And also, are there TWO females out of the four characters? If yes, that is truly ridiculous.

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