FIFA 15 – Barclays Premier League Trailer

All 20 Barclays Premier League stadiums and over 200 new player head scans now feature in FIFA 15.

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  1. Still has that cartoony look i see. I hope it is different game on release. Sick of.seeing cartoony over saturated colours on everything in order to make things pop out to you on screen.
    Come on fifa and ea is 2014!

  2. Fix the freaking gameplay. All the teams when you play against computer in career mode plays the same way. And i talk about fifa 14 on the PS4. It doesnt matter its swansea or man city, All teams against you have the ball and pass like every team playes like Barcelona. This game will always be shit because it has stupid gamelay and stupid A.I. Im going to buy PES this year because i want a footbal game that have good gameplay and dont give a damn about shitty gimmics like this the game has all the stadiums of premier league. I will never buy any fifa game in my life. 

  3. its a shame that the Brazilian league won't feature this time round, I wouldn't mind if they got the J-League or Chinese Super League though

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