Far Cry 4 – Magical Pet Tiger in Shangri La

In Far Cry 4’s Shangri la missions, use a tiger as a weapon, but then DON’T shoot it. Because he’s your friend. Yay!

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  1. I remember when I first tried out the wing suit all on my own , in farcry 3, i jump off a bridge while people where shooting at me ..I didn't know what to press and I just fell in the river….I didn't pick up the package on the bridge

  2. anyone else wish this was left to be discovered by us the player? would've loved to have stumbled across this on my own…

  3. apparently the bow n arrow will only be implemented in these side missions, but I hope that they bring it back in the overall game, cuz I used the bow n arrow in FC3 like 9 times outta 10

  4. So have they finally got around to fixing the game breaking bug that was in FC2 and 3 (and they knew about) that if you rebind the keys you can no longer use vehicles or fixed gun positions?

  5. Good thing the stealth is major thing in the game, because I fucking love stealth. Sneaking behind your enemies and I'm like 'hey, bitch! I'm right behind you. I hope you said to your wife I love you because you ain't gonna see her again'.

    stealth is my bitch

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