Yogscast's Cancelled Kickstarter – The Point

With Yogscast canceling their half a million dollar Kickstarter, Danny asks why they’re trying to avoid responsibility, and what happened to all the money?

Since this video was originally created, Winterkewl and Yogscast have released…

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  1. this report is so impartial, non bias and informative… oh no wait i was looking at something else, this is just bad reporting for the $$$

  2. you people don't understand that Kickstarter is just another way of accepting donations, you don't get to say where that money goes it's the organization decision, and it's the organization's decision whether or not they give you a reward in return. You can't get mad when PBS stops selling canvas tote bags the yogscast has delivered with their channels content and that's all that matters. Besides the game looks bad

  3. All of this slander against the Yogscast, yet they're going stronger than ever. (Y)

    Seems like this video stems from someones feelings of inferiority in comparison to the Yogscast network.

  4. that game looked so bad, why would people fund that? i dont know anything about yogscast but if all the fanboy comments are any indication i will continue to be ignorant of yogscast existence. i mean, do they just make minecraft videos? whats the big deal?

  5. LOL, People in the comments seem to think that Kickstarter is a "pitch your idea" wesbite. Kickstarter is for allready planned or started projects that need backing. Let's say you are in the middle of making a videogame, you realise you will have to pay thousands of dollars for servers, licenses, advertisment and additional game developers. So you start the Kickstarter, and show them what you allready got, and where you want to take it. Never back a Kickstarter without a protype or demo, because you will not know if the creator has the time, skill or abbility to make the project come to life. And yes, Kickstarter comes with the risk of the project never coming to life. That is why you should always read trough the "Risks and Challanges" and see if the creators know the assosiated risks with their project. And who the hell backed this very bad pre-alpha demo with 500k, it is like backing my cake when I have milk in my fridge. Kickstarter was the wrong project for this game.

  6. It still makes me laugh to this day, How Yogscast just got away with this and still have around 7mil subs. They try so hard not to talk about it. Most of their videos even have the comment section disabled

  7. well it was 200k less that was was stated because the highest backer chaged back hes funding 2 days after the kickstarter ended i back it at 30$ not as much as many people on that game but the so called "makeing things right" by giveing us stuff again was floored because we all go a beta key for a game called "tug" and 2-4 mouths after we got the keys for that the devs making that game stoped working on that game too and as for any over stuff we was ment to get will lets just say im still waiting so all in all it was handeled badly the dev wintercool games said that out of the 300 and odd k (after the guy changed back 200k the highest bidder) the dev said before anything yogscast took 150k of it the lead dev ended up puting 25k of hes personel money into the game to try to keep it going and told yogscast meny times we need over ways of funding for e.g haveing paypal dontanions haveing preoders of the game on the games website to keep the funding and income for the game going we allso whated too hire more people and get a lead dev so he could focuse on design and animation since he works at dreamworks but yogcast told him no to every request he also asked them to promote the game on there mian channel with replys to "we not going to show of a game thats under developed" this happened for a hole 6-8 mouths untill the project got canselled so from a back looking at what ive seen and saw happening thought this its yogscast's clearly not understanding the way game development works or what it takes to make a game and the fact that they have never stated themselfs they took 150k out of the 300 and odd k of the funding right away shows what kinda of people they are they didnt care for the fans and they wanna carry on as if it never happened so thats just a littel more insiight into what happened from me being a backer

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