WWE 2K15 – Sting Pre-Order Trailer

Sting has been revealed as the pre-order launch exclusive for WWE 2K15.

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  1. Would be nice if they finally bring this game to PC… There hasn't been a wrestling game on PC for years. Now that PC is making big bucks, would make sense for them to bring it.

  2. If they could make it for pc they would make more money then selling it to both consoles together.Plus it could be better create a superstare or even an arena 
    and these games are made on pc then changed on consoles why they couldnt let them stay on PC and make a version for it.It would be AWESOMEE

  3. I pre-ordered yesterday, I will get Sting and his Retro Sting, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Hulk Hogan, Vinyl Toy of Hulk, Autographed artwork from Hulk, and special packaging, and of course WWE 2K15

  4. Hi Guys I Bought WWE 2K15 On Ps4 Before 3 Days And It Had Sting Pack DLC I Was So Excited About It But When I Went To Redeem They Wrote For Me The Code Is Already Used Or Expired And It Expires On 2016 And I Have Seen Some People Have The Same Problem So If Anybody Knows A Fix Plz Let Me Know And Thanks In Advance. 🙁

  5. Still better than the shitty Goldberg pre-order trailer for 2K17. 2K is trying to rip us off with a character that had already been in the games, and the wrestler himself is just boring with his stupid spear.

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