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Why Gearbox Is Making Battleborn And Not Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford and the lead devlopers behind Battleborn talk about the studio leaving the next big Borerlands sequel on the table and the history of their next project called Battleborn.

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  1. Never come up with this idea before? Doctor Who did it and I recall at least one other science fiction book I read in middle school that had a similar concept of a last star. 😐 Still a good and underutilized idea.

  2. On online first ps -"if you don't have awesome skill it's a miserable experience" 3:35 – I like Battleborn but online it is a miserable experience for newbies I think. There definitely is a somewhat steep learning curve for competitive online play. I have been on the loosing team 0-100 a lot of times where the team combined barely got a kill. Team tactics is a big factor. I hope they keep supporting the game as there are lots of good elements but you must say that Gearbox new direction blew up in their face

  3. The only games they have made that I enjoyed was the brothers in arms games. I never was a big borderlands fan, I just never felt a connection with it meanwhile everyone is praising it as better than fallout lol. In all honesty borderlands is the only game that this studio has that's really worth a damn and I hate saying that being a huge brothers in arms fan but this studio has always seemed mediocre to me sadly, a one hit wonder kind of studio.

  4. I really don't get why they didn't make Borderlands 3. They just need to add more customization, the insane amount of guns, and a good storyline (that should include Handsome Jack since he was the perfect antagonist).

  5. 12:30 "What about the people that are going to be bummed out that you guys aren't working on Borderlands 3?"
    "Borderlands 3 WILL happen."
    "Is that 100%?"
    "I mean, asteroids could hit, but yeah"

    So basically the only chance of Borderlands 3 NOT being released is if the planet is destroyed by asteroids. I would say thats a pretty solid conformation they are/will be releasing Borderlands 3 soon. If anyone actually payed attention you would have heard this. They're doing Battleborn to do something different. He basically said in not so many words that Battleborn is something new and exciting for them to work on and that they will have learned even more, and have even better staff for Borderlands 3. Almost directly quoting him.

  6. I was scrolling through my feed and saw this and immediately my heart sunk and thought, "Oh God not another battleborn and over borderlands 3 no less" then I saw it was released years ago.

  7. Battleborn sucked… Borderlands 3 sucked… Tiny Tina's Wonderland will suck… Gearbox and this slither Randy Bîtchford is just done.

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