Unveiling the Gameplay of No Man's Sky – The Next Big Game

Space flight, trade, bounty hunting, exploration, meeting others, and much more. Today on GameSpot’s The Next Big Game we examine what you’ll be doing in No Man’s Sky and unveil Hello Games’ plans for multiplayer.

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  1. I saw this video when it came out, and revisit now due to all the hate. Having watched this video again, I agree with the reductionist argument that this game was "Space Skyrim". That's not a bad thing. But it clearly spells out that this is not an MMO where you can trade shit with alliance mates. You look at pretty visuals, pet some dinosaurs, and fly around. I was wondering what game other people thought they saw?

  2. t really is shocking just how much they bullshitted everyone. I mean what was collected in the OP isn't even all of it. But a lot of people seem disappointed and aren't quite sure exactly why they expected more. Well you expected more for very good reasons, they got a game missing arguably 80/90% of the experience they were told would be there way back in 2014 and had no idea they'd be a viral smash hit and Sean would become Jesus and who was still telling lies only a few months ago.

    They still have 2014 trailers on their home page and in the Steam story advertising a game people don't actually receive! Imagine if any other game sold people what looks like a beta from 2 years prior that also only has a bunch of placeholders for various mechanics. The only thing that makes it easier for them to get away with this is that it still superficially looks the same.

  3. funny reading all the comments "gonna be best game ever"
    "this guys gonna be a billionaire"
    "this dev team has so much passion and cares for this game"

    how wrong they was

  4. I really think this is what NEXT will be similar too, and their future updates after NEXT will bring the game to this level and beyond which makes me so excited and happy to be in the nms family :^)

  5. Well holy shit. What Sean said in this video about their release plans is pretty much exactly what they ended up doing. I wish everyone watched this video before buying it at launch.

    Sure, it would have lost some sales from those who wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway, but the backlash would have been much less.

  6. Just ordered this game for my PS3.
    Whether good, bad or flawed, It is the most interesting
    game that I was able to discover via a very pin pointed
    search for a game dedicated to space exploration
    as opposed to battle.
    Other words, low heart rate, White Russian sipping, late hours game play.
    Good luck, me.!

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