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If you aren’t gaming on a PC, there are plenty of reasons you should consider giving it a chance.

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  1. Seems like console plebs don't understand what "bad port" means. A bad port is when we get the EXACT same experience you had on console. The developer didn't take the time to make the improvements PC gamers expect, so we're forced to play the game you played.

    Keep that in mind when you're trying to take a dump on PC gaming because of bad ports. What you're really doing is taking a dump on the thing you're ridiculously trying to defend.

  2. Finally started parting out my PC. I should be able to play some of my favorite games at high settings and, of course, upgrade whenever I want. Lots of awesome things you can do with a computer. I have some parts on the way and am really looking forward to playing with the good community. All the "PC Master Race" pricks calling console players peasants thinking they deserve respect can go fall in quicksand; I hope to never have to encounter assholes like you in my life. 

  3. Do you people realise how childish you sound fighting over which is best?! PC, Xbox One, PS4 are all good, each have benefits and disadvantages. Buy whatever the fuck you want and stop crying.

  4. Pc gaming sucks. Console is the way to go. Cheaper, lots more games, and no viruses. Pc does not have the last of us or gta 5. The controller is 10x better, and the community is so much better.

  5.   PC vs Console, tuners vs muscle, Blacks vs Whites vs Hispanic, bikers vs cagers vs cyclist, feminist vs machismo, Atheist vs Christians vs Muslims, damn people, we have to understand that you cant force your personal preferences on others. I happen to feel like I want a damn computer so I went and build mine, but I don't think kids will go and ask for their parents for a 3k computer, and those dell computer and tablets sucks really bad, so they just get a console, my girl kids has xbox ones and ps4 on their rooms, I have the custom pc and they really enjoy it also but then I just kick them out lol.

     My rig is Asus crosshair v formula motherbord, amd fx liquid cooling system processor, 4 amd radeon memorys 32 gb, thermaltake toughpower grand 850 watt power supply, 3 tb HD dont remember the brand, evga geforce gtx 980 4gb video card  two in the near future and a acer xb270 3d gaming 27 inch monitor.

  6. Need help! :/
    Intel Core i7 4702MQ 2,2 GHz Quad Core
    Intel Core i5 4210M 2,6 GHz Duo Core
    Which one of these two processors is better/perform better for Online gaming ? 
    Both laptops has the GTX 850m Graphics card.

  7. i think ps4 is the best, way better then any pc, you can't optimise games like the ps4 does unless you have lots of money. i think you pc gamers spend to much time and money on this shit. 

    the only thing you do on the pc well is play starcraft and point and click games. useless! 

  8. there are more pc games out there but a vast amount of them are garbage. Most of the great pc games are on console and were designed for consoles. The pc may allow these games to perform better but what if u took away those games and left the pc market with games only made for pc. What would u have left ? Look at the games on steam and u will see a great many garbage pc games . the ones that are the more popular and better ones are console games . Pc gaming is cool but too often we only hear the good sides and none of the bad . i wanna hear the real story.

  9. let the kids stay on console , i dont want them . Another thing about PC gaming they didnt metion is that when ur playing online , u dont hear a bunch of squeakers calling u a kid , noob and cheater

  10. Mouse and Keyboard will NEVER match the accuracy afforded to the superior controller framework. While PC users empty their pockets for overpriced machines, and on medical care for broken backs, I will be lounging on the couch next to my petite girlfriend, gaming on a 60 inch LCD display with my Playstation™ controller.

  11. I used to game on a pc when I was 11.. I installed all the games myself. I don't understand the "not user friendly" thing lol. Click the game press play have fun? Get a little wireless mouse or use steam big picture mode for a more console-like experience.

  12. At the end of the video he says there are arguments in favor of console gaming too. just wondering, what are they?

    The only thing I can think of is that the initial price point for a console and no games is lower than comparable pre-builts.

  13. I want to get into pc gaming are my specs good enough to run new the latest games on the highest setting with 50-60 fps

    Amd fx 6300

    Asus m5a78l

    8Gb ram
    125 gb ssd
    WD 2tb

    Graphics card
    Asus nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti

    Corsair 500w

  14. I bought my wife a laptop so she can play her Sims 4.I tried to game on pc and just like gaming on a smartphone or tablet,i just didnt find it right for me.

  15. The benefits for PC:
    – Freedom to upgrade when you want and easier to upgrade. 
    – Higher frame rates
    – Better graphics
    – Cheaper games
    – Modding 
    – Choice of multiple inputs
    – Can work out cheaper in the long run
    – Console-equivalent hardware is a lot cheaper
    – Variety of graphical settings
    – Gaming services such as GOG, Steam etc
    – Higher quality VOIP services like Skype, TeamSpeaker, Curse, Mumble
    – PCs aren't just for gaming! A gaming PC will help in other areas too.
    – More exclusives than any of the consoles combined
    – Can emulate some consoles
    – Backwards compatibility
    – Healthy independent developer scene
    – More games, much larger library
    – Big Picture Mode for couch gaming
    – Multiple monitors 

    The benefits for consoles: 
    – Plug and play/simplicity

    Am I a fanboy? I wouldn't think so. I would like to think of myself as wanting the best product available for the money and I feel as though a PC is exactly that.

  16. Hey guys, I just started a pc gaming channel and I would appreciate it if you watch my videos, subscribe and suggest any games you want me to play

  17. Can someone help me and tell me what to upgrade? My PC doesn't run games well and I would like to upgrade whatever I can to fix the problem (not a computer genius btw, and budget friendly suggestions only)

    Processor: AMD FX(tm) 4300 Quad-Core Processor
    Ram: 4GB
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

  18. Mouse and keyboard are better than console controllers overall.1.its easier to use, can play more games with keyboard and mouse,3.better when surfing the Internet,4.upgrade your mouse and keyboard for better gaming experience by buying expensive ones,4.Better when gaming,you're more likely accurate when using keyboard and mouse,good example is when playing shooter games

  19. I recently switched to PC gaming for the vast game library as well as creatively original games unlike on consoles where every game must be a cash cow rereleased every year. I am not a fan however of high end PC gear so killer graphics mean little to me and modding holds little value as well.

  20. Here are two reasons people don't like pc gaming:
    It's more complicated
    It's usually more expensive to buy a pc (although the games are waaaaay cheaper)

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