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Razer’s new 17-inch Blade Pro is better than ever before, but is it as good as the 14-inch Blade?

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  1. First of all thank you gamespot for being so honest~
    I would definitely prefer to buy Razer blade portable,light and beautiful , pro isnt so convincing~

  2. Bitches could be paying their mortages of this this shit. I wonder how much percent of the money someone could save if a small new company priced at the same base price minus the brand name

  3. Is it just me that wants what ever they did with the smaller versions screen to happen to the larger one. I mean, come on. Big screen and big resolution!

  4. I like how this guy is whining about the $2800 price tag for the 512gb version in the US when here in Australia we have to pay $4200 for the exact same thing… sometimes I hate living where I do.

  5. i have the Razer Blade Pro and the track pad works great, I mean realistically its not ideal for gaming but people who are into PC gaming will probably have a gaming mouse.

  6. is there a way to make the razer blade pro 1TB storage. because im planning to use it for a very long time. and i need to play a lot of games and also for work. such as GTA 5 , STORM 4, BO3, and the upcoming game, Tekken 7. thank you so much. loved the blackwidow

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