Lords of the Fallen – Comic-Con 2014 Trailer

Check out the Comic-Con 2014 trailer for Lords of the Fallen.

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  1. Yeah! Slow motion, blood, sexy ladies, a beast-like protagonist, monsters… wait a minute. You're just throwing things I like onto the screen in hopes that I'll be interested. Nice try. I know better than that.

  2. Is there ever going to be a video game about being a vampire in a open-world city? Be the night stalker, follow your soon to be victims home, recruit humans into vamparism, build a army that strikes in the darkness.
    Xbox One, Ps4, PC.

  3. Fuck all the people saying this is just a clone of dark souls, guess what, dark souls isn't the only RPG in existence and just because someones makes an RPG, doesn't mean they're copying dark souls.

    This is as bad as saying every FPS that has come out in the last 10 years is a copy of CoD, or every hack 'n slash action game is a copy of GoW. Genres aren't limited to just one fucking game.

  4. People those who are bitching about this game with Dark Souls.. So you guys go and comment "this looks like Doom94" in all FPS game trailers? its a kind, a type, a genre not the same fucking thing just because it looks like it!

  5. Well, never expected to hear a song this old remade and put in to a video game trailer… esp a game like this. Wouldn't mind hearing more classics actually keep em coming lol

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