Lineage II: Ertheia – Full Story Trailer

Check out the full Lineage II: Ertheia story trailer before the release of the expansion coming July 30th.

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  1. Ummm luffy failed…..pretty badly.This is the main focus/plot of Lineage 2; not how the dimensions merged together but luffy's big moment and being squished.

  2. I know its dated and kinda funny but at least stuff is still getting made for this game. A lot of games have come and gone in the space that this one has been out..

  3. That… Rat girl… Struggled so hard to bring that demon or whatever down. Then the only guy in the video out of nowhere just goes "I'll handle this!"

  4. Yes this is the "new" L2, it sucks big time!!!!! The only best thing they have done, was to create Lineage 2 Classic… thank god

  5. for all of this people saying that this game will die…. you wanna make me laugh or the smart people who got brain? There are billions of private servers if they will shut down the game we can still play it on private servers , or create one because we still got all of there game data and files. plus servers

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