Killing Floor – End of the Line Trailer

Check out the trailer for the new Killing Floor DLC End of the Line.

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  1. Hello. I need help on killing floor. I would like some assistance to work toward unlocking Rachel. Please message me if you could help.

  2. Curious that the first lines of patriarch's daughter are used in the last part of grim treatments event in Killing floor 2 trailer

  3. Year 2020
    This year is a monster quite literally and I must stop it

    End of 2020 DLC pack includes new free events: Covid 19, race war, Yellowstone eruption and WW3 cyber war. And new. DLC skins like neon masks neon hand sanitizer and 3 new characters: Joe Biden, Racist cops and the BLM and new weapons: PS5 and Xbox series x, you can get these add-ons for the new weapons for $7.99 and the accessories for only $14.99

    "end it all before it's too late"

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