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Is Battleborn a MOBA? Here's What Gearbox Says

Battleborn’s creative director Randy Varnell and design director John Mulkey discuss the comparisons of Battleborn to the MOBA genre and how it differs.

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  1. Minions fight along side 2 teams of 5 with the intention of destroying the other teams base. Sounds very unique. Amazed no one has thought of that before. Something you can play online in an arena setting with other people fighting against one another. Is there a name for this? I think Blizzard is working on something like this but at the same time they don't fall into any kind of pool of games that might be similar…

  2. People be mad of the new games give them a chance i mean look were borderlands got rewl succesful, look at call of duty their sinking into a non- succesful game

  3. I'm excited about this. I don't know about all you commentors… but, Gearbox is backtracking back to how they made Borderlands so successful. So, I'm hoping they'll succeed in this endeavor!

  4. Did this guy just say he didn't like League because there is no action? Just because you're feeding/dying the whole time and doing nothing cool doesn't mean there's no action :S

  5. I really hope there's some sort of character creation in this game. Cuz' honestly, and I'm mean no offense to any one with this, but I'm kinda tired of playing as European, oriental, and/or the standard "AWWW HELL YEA" African/american main characters. I wanna play as the the killer Mohawk sporting, 5'8" 150'ish lbs. metal head, native American/African/Irish ass kicker I am.

    Anyone else feel the same?

  6. This honestly sounds pretty good, or at least right up my street. An FPS with MOBA elements and some influence from Borderlands? Yes fucking please. I'm an absolute sucker for characters, progression and loot. If they pull this off with some cool objective gameplay, I'm totally in. A lot of people dismiss MOBAs now for two reasons: the recent influx of them, and the communities of them. Thing is, those two things have nothing to with whether the game is well-designed. This could be awesome.

  7. I don't hate MOBAs like everyone because I literally only played 2 (LoL and Dota Allstars/2)and haven't tried to wait my time on others. If it's good and people like it,I'll buy it

  8. MOBA isnt just about having 3 lanes and destroying towers, its a Battle Arena, not Multiplayer Online Destroy Towers and Gank All Day. Can we all just be thankful that they kept split screen on this game? Split Screen is very rare nowadays.

  9. why do they Think Moba There is no Tower Defence its CO-OP Not Moba Damm players are stupid if there is no BAttle Arena How Stupid are all of you.

    sry if bad english, we all got weaknesses

  10. Vague statements, no facts, just citing other games and saying we like cool stuff, that MIGHT be in the game to. Gets old. Hype is best when applied to fact sharing, bubs.

  11. One of the reasons im looking forward to this more than overwatch is that overwatch won't have the RPG progression system that this will – im pumped

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