How Does No Man's Sky Actually Work? – Reality Check

Cam investigates the question we’ve all been wondering: how does the procedurally generated world of No Man’s Sky actually work?

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  1. is this guy like a thch god? like still dont get how they made all the fricking planets can someone plz fricking explain me? my mind is fuckin blown

  2. Well, all the controversy aside, what they have created it's pretty amazing from a technological standpoint. I'm playing right now and I enjoy it for what it is. For someone like me that liked Elite and Noctis, this is a dream come true.

    I still think Sean was full of shit when he made all these presentations, so don't accuse me of fanboying, I'm just as pissed as everybody else this is not the experience I originally expected.

    But even without that, I might be that very small, very niche kind of playerbase that they wanted to please. So I just forget everything about "that other game" and I kind of got lost in "this new one". I expect to sink in it a lot more hours than I previously thought.

  3. 5:05 "The standard way to create the stuff of videogames is to have designers and artists build everything by hand" he says, while the hand-crafted creatures and landscapes of the E3 trailer roll by 😛

  4. "I'll never need math!" I said… "I'm just gonna design video games or something!" I said.. "I have a calculator on my phone, I'll be just fine!" I said…

    Silly, silly, me.

  5. Yikes, watching this video is awkward and frustrating at the same time.

    Awkward >>> because the game sucked an enormous fat as* 
    frustrating >>> because it was the biggest disappointment that the gaming industry has had, yet.

  6. Actually if a tree fell down with nothing around there would be no noise because there is no processing of the vibration

  7. He was wrong about a tree making a sound if no one is around to hear it. If no one is around that tree doesn't exist here either. Once a person is there and receives the data stream of that tree it will exist. Until then, it's just information.

  8. So how are the planets design different and looks how it design from bottum every single one? How does it look real and not just flat or just water ect? Just how?

  9. One thing that I never understood was how they store players' modifications on the environment. Sure, an algorithm can just re-generate and delete data of a specific location every time you load and unload that location, but what if a player digs into the ground? If you unload and reload that location, the hole would be gone, right? Or does the server save ONLY the data of player modifications and layers them on top of an algorithm's render? So then the location would be loaded from scratch using the algorithms, and then the tiny piece of information stored in the game save file or the server about the player's hole would be added onto the location. That's kind of a really damn smart optimization if I'm right about it.

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