Giant Skyrim Godzilla VS Dragon Horde – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Cam is back to join Seb for five brand new Skyrim mods, including a werewolf replacer that somehow leads to an epic fight between a giant Godzilla and a pack of dragons. Naturally.

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  1. wouldn't importing Kevin's save/avatar in your game corrupt it unless you have every single armor/weapon mod that the Kevin had in his inventory?

  2. 13:54 I'd love to fight Kevin VanNord as Miraak. The modded werewolf VS the First DOVahKiiN. Btw, I put the loads of capitalization on the word DOVahKiiN on purpose.

  3. the cicle part doesnt make a or break weather it has cream or not lol … the word cream does such is the case with icicles….. and they dont have cream in them even those they have a cicle lol. wtf?

  4. This mod is by Qairon. Uglynoodles STOLE this mod. im sure you didnt know that cam n seb but search qairons version of tanback on the nexus and you will see.

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