Batman Arkham Knight Event at Comic-Con 2014

Artists get to show their take on the Bat Suit at the Batman Arkham Knight event at Comic-Con, check out the Scribblenauts Cape, Joker painted mask, and waffle cone ice cream bat suit.

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  1. I love the batmobile but is starting to being annoying, everytime somebody asks the developers about the batman arkham knight they talk about the batmobile, i wanna hear about the story ,the gameplay not only about the car, the car is only a vehicle ,people won't rate the game 10/10 just because of the car we wanna hear about the story and gameplay BUT still i am very excited about Batman

  2. I love how some of them have used the hole where the mouth goes as an actual mouth for Joker and that hahahaha

  3. I wonder how batmans bat-tank wont kill people when he's blowing them to shit…. cuz uh… ya know… he DOES not fucking kill people! !!

  4. it would be cool if they made it so those cape/cowl/create were DLC in arkham knight. Like have the ice cream cone, or joker, or lego, or any of those cape and cowls really. To just be DLC in the game.

  5. Those suit kinda creep me out.
    They look like some monsters with huge mouth, the joker one and the rainbow vomit one creep me out the most.

  6. I think it would be cool if you get sprayed by some fear gas and it temporarily changes into the joker suit as you gotta fight thugs, kinda like the mad hatter level in arkham city 

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