Uncharted 4 Teaser – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

Nathan Drake comes back for one last adventure with Uncharted 4.

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  1. I love how the audience applauds as soon as they see the Naughty Dog logo. Growing up with their titles I can't help but feel really happy about how far they've come.

  2. Wow this game starts off just like the original crash bandicoot, Where crash got washed up on the beach and headet into the jungle. 

    That reference 😀 

  3. I came back here to see if the visuals live up to the final product, and you know what? I'm happy to say that the final product looks almost as good at this trailer.

  4. just finished the game for the first time today, MAN! what a ride! The Epilogue of this game is the BEST i have ever played, Its perfect! Man i wish i just could forget the story of the game and play it again! this is THE benchmark game now!

  5. The Final Product looks even better then this Trailer. Evry Detail that Nate has in the Cutscenes are also in the GAME itself. You see his beard, his hair is glowing because of the Light Effects. His Face also the same as in the Cutscenes asNaughty Dog promised that Nate will look EXACTLY how he looks in the cutscenes. Techniqually ND is a Masterpiece and the Best. Uncharted 4 looks better then Real Life for me.

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