Ubisoft Press Conference (Full) – E3 2014

Join us as we bring you the Ubisoft E3 2014 press Conference!

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  1. Put better graphics on pc .This is all business crap ., ubisoft don't want to have bad business whit consoles and is affecting us , we put a lot of money in our pc to have the best experience but this companies are holding us back from now and on I'll wait for any title ubisoft lunch and before buying it I'll see if is wort it or not . I don't want crap games running on my hi end pc fuck you ubisoft

  2. I AM JUST POSTING THIS FOR GET A LITTLE ATTENTION!!! My name is TheDamsgaard. I just started uploading an "Let's play" The Walking Dead season 2!!! iT AINT EASY MAKING THEM VIDEOS. So it would mean alo to me, if you could just spend a little of your time watching my videos… Thank you. #peace  

  3. I remember that after this conference in 2014 alot of people said this was the best conference of that years e3,

    It was a few month's later, after the buggy release of AC Unity, that Ubisoft got the reputation as one of the worst, if not the worst game studio

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