The Witcher 3 – E3 2014 Gameplay Demo at Microsoft Press Conference

Check out The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gameplay demo at the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2014.

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  1. This was SIX YEARS ago?! I almost can't believe it's been that long. Still remember waiting on this game after I saw the E3 reveal. Little did I know the hype that I built up was by no means sufficient for this masterpiece. I'm still playing it to this day every now and then and I'm really excited for the next gen upgrades

  2. why didn't they make this the actual game? instead, they did a ubisoft.
    and ffs, they put his iconic swords in the art nd demo, why not in the actual game?

  3. Greetings, i make witcher content and i'm playing for the first time. Currently on Witcher 1. Tell me what you think, go and check it out!! Much appreciated 🙏🏿

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