The Punishing – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Kevin VanNord meets Kevin VanOrd in this punishment special! The Kevins battle over evil armor, evil chickens, and divine punishment for mentioning arrows in the knee.

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  1. Hey im a fan of your videos, i want to see a video of you with an army of undead nazeem or undead necromancers XD.

    Yust find the book in helgen keep in a box. drop it to read the spell book and rise a zombie army. Is lore friendly because of the necromancer in the pilar stone that summons 3 skeletons at the same time and they stay alive. Or you can yust have a scull colection.

     Is awesome you have to try it.

  2. It's a shame Dumitas removed his Kevin VanNord's Axe of Hatred from the nexus. Or rather he set it to private…I actually really wanted to give it a try. With all do respect to modders out there….I don't get why people do that sometimes. They'll create this awesome looking mod and then they just randomly choose to put it on private or remove it. Why? I can understand if they were told to take it down, but I doubt Dumitas was told to since I'm assuming he made everything himself. Oh, well…maybe one day he'll put it back up.

  3. i am so glad this came into my recommended. this series is what made me decide to get a pc just to play skyrim. thank you youtube for this throwback.

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