The Order: 1886 – E3 2014 Gameplay Trailer at Sony Press Conference

Gameplay of The Order 1886 was revealed today at the Sony Press Conference E32014.

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  1. Uncharted 2 won game of the year in 2009 and that was linear and scripted. The Lost Of Us out last year won game of the fucking decade, game of the fucking decade and guess what? It to was linear and scripted so stfu and stop complaining all of you Neanderthals.

  2. Ready At Dawn did say themselves they don't want to revolutionize Gameplay, the focus is on Characters, Atmosphere and Story.

    If they do it right, this game will be awesome!

  3. One day.. ONE DAY! I want to play a good game with proper werewolves, and not ones that still look more human than wolf. (Were is the snout!)

  4. Why is that games today are more focused on making things visually appealing and less focused on the gameplay? Can I enjoy a video game with good graphics and gameplay? Feels like sometimes I am just buying a movie and playing it on my ps3. Also, why is it all action-adventure games have QTEs? one or two is fine, but having them constantly when playing through a game is just laziness.

  5. Love all the new games seen in E3 2014, sexy footage.. 
    But why do all the gameplay trailers for these AWESOME games have shitty aiming??! (Rainbow Siege gameplay) For cinematic effects? I don't find the unrealistic gaming accuracy necessary at all. 

  6. You can control allot ot cinematics… It looks like a fusion of Beyond Two Souls, but with a third person…. Stealth Shooter? Like The Last Of Us!! It look's reaaaaaally good, i think im really gonna like it, besides it's steam punk and haves enemies that are not so easy to kill… I hope it could be like on The Last Of Us, that it haves Stealth! because i don't think vampire-zombies are easy to kill! jaja damn looks fucking amazing!!! Im really buying it the first day it comes! I hope it comes to the PS3 and if not i hope it comes after MGSV because im buying PS4 with MGSV 

  7. The game looks really cool, but I just can´t take the freaking 3rd person view, specially when he is in thin corridors, the half of the screen is the back of the character.

  8. Looks intriguing. Definitely interested in this. It's just a gameplay TRAILER, so I wasn't expecting a fucking 20 minute walk-around of looking at shit. I love trailers that get to the point and demonstrate all I need to know in a few minutes. 

    Can I shoot shit? Yes. Steampunk FTW. 
    Does it look cool? Yes. Moody, smooth with a good blend of cinema-tics.
    Is it a cool concept? Yes. Being a Monster Hunting British Spiff-Ninja? I'll take it.

    I am sure more details will come out later and I am sure it will play like an over-the-shoulder Bioshock Infinite.

  9. Lycan: "I can smell you….human"

    Galahad: "Fuck…."

    LOL, its those little things that tells me the story and dialogue are going to be awesome. 

  10. This game, along with Bloodborne and From Software games, plus Deep Down are the three main reasons I just bought a PS4 instead of an Xbox one.

  11. this looks very scripted……. but k

    not a fan of the cutscenes either

    or the quicktime events

    graphics are good

    graphics dont matter


  12. No I didn't like this game I mean you shoot tye enemy and do sent die the gamer shoot the Zombie abut 12 times and nothing.
    I'll pass.

  13. order 1886 another game of the year with the Last of Us, beyond two souls,heavy rain there's no doubt in my mind that the ps4 will get machine of the year XD

  14. Wow this game isn't even all that great, watch you guys overhype this game like the last of us and destiny and all other ps4 games and the game is dark as fuck how can you even see anything

  15. scripts scripts scripts …  if it will be a good story line This will be a game for max 6-10 hours … cod  in 1886 ? but w/o multi ? why peoples are hyped? i dont get it 

  16. Goddammit, so disappointed that it's a game with monsters. I hate watching horror movies and playing horror games. I'm aware it's not a horror game but I get so tense being chased by monsters in games. The feeling of never knowing when something will pop up, haha I hate it. 

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