The Last Of Us Remastered Trailer – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

Take a look at the fully remastered The Last Of Us PS4 edition.

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  1. technically even though it isnt graphically impressive since it is a "remastered" version, the fact that itll be at 60 fps with better looks (albeit not too much), makes it a great buy still >_< come on now were you expecting the graphics to somehow become super sexy? look at tomb raider definitive edition and see how that turned out LOLOLOLOL people expect way too much out of a game that was made for the ps3.,…and besides theyre working on uncharted 4 and we all know thats gonna look amazing >_<

  2. Wtf… How about showing actual gameplay. July 29th is an alright release date. Means I've 1 month of summer to play it.

  3. I absolutely love the last of us and although it's barely 1 year old I somehow feel. …nostalgia and Nirvana playing in the background made me tear up a little( I love nirvana)

  4. I absolutely love the last of us and although it's barely 1 year old I somehow feel. …nostalgia and Nirvana playing in the background made me tear up a little( I love nirvana)

  5. Wish they would have this on xbox one I played last of us on the ps3 and probably best game I have ever played besides halo but why don't they just make a last of us 2?

  6. I'm sure it will be a better experience, especially for those who didn't have the chance of playing it last year on PS3. I did beat the game about 5-6 times last year (it might be the best game I ever played), but I won't buy it on PS4 because I just had enough of it. If you didn't play it last year, DO IT NOW on the gen, IT WORTH your money.

  7. TLOU probably is the best game graphicswise on the ps3 and you could still sometimes the lack of details in some of the trees and leaves and the hair of the characters. I know for sure that will be fixed in this remastered version. I would buy it if i had a ps4.

  8. The game looks waaaaay better!  Take it from someone who played it.  What you guys saw was probably trailers with CG for the PS3 – look at actual gameplay.  HUGE difference.  I will be buying this again for the PS4.  The game was that good, it definitely deserves another play through!

  9. Filfat stop haten it amazing good graphic very sad story and it mad by costume thing ?that they move and it the same thingand if you like the avenger part where captain America save a woman and she was on tv that was the girl who played ellie.

  10. I've been an Xbox guy my whole life and when this game was announced I was so hyped for it but then found out it only came out for Ps3. I decided to try something new for a change and bought the Ps4 instead of buying the Xbox One and Sony did not disappoint me. Games such as the Last of Us and Uncharted series are few games that Xbox can not compete against. Hopefully this new change will bring in the experience I've been wanting that Microsoft couldn't deliver.

  11. I would love to see (the last of us 2) but with a different twist to it and a lot of ai tweeks xD like when you have to be quiet from the clickers and the ai can run into them if they want but you can't ;-;

  12. I am so excited to actually buy this game and not watch walkthroughs because I didn't have ps3 at the time now I have a ps4 and I can't wait 

  13. Best game I have ever played in my 33 years. And I would amaze you with the large amount of games that I have played dating back all the way to ColicoVision.

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