Surprising Facts About Video Games You Probably Didn't Know – Reality Check

How many people play video games? What is the average gamer like? And exactly how big is this industry? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this weeks Reality Check.

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  1. If we started our own country and the game companies joined too then I would join sides with Nintendo and stop all you COD and Fifa people from hating on non-console games

  2. With the gaming industry growing so fast you have to be an idiot to pass up the money opportunities. Great part about the industry is that its still seen as the "nerdy" thing by the older generation, no skin off my bones. That just leaves out a huge chuck of investors and means more money return for me. I believe in twenty or thirty years gaming will be the new normal, be on TV, and etc. Get started now with investments. 

  3. I don't consider people who play facebook games or play on their phones "gamers".
    Social games aren't quite the category when most think about gamers. But that's just what I think… And what people who like this comment think, too.

  4. The misconception of almost no girl gamers is because of the difference of who likes which genres. I wonder what girl gamers are into

  5. "Video Games Sales" embodies almost the entirety of the revenue generated by the industry, not counting in-game purchases, the original purchase of the console and peripherals.
    "Box Office Sales" embodies a large portion of profits generated by movies but by no means all of it, not including very large areas of profit such as what people pay to stream online, on-demand, DVD and blu-ray, merchandising and much more.

    That's not even taking into account the fact that a new video game costs (in the UK at least) often 5x what it costs to see a new movie at the cinema, so from the figures provides one could derive that at least two times as many people go to see films at the cinema than buy video games.

    It would have been great to know what exactly they meant by "Video Games Sales" and "Box Office Sales", whether it's just new releases or in what area the information was gathered from, but unfortunately Gamespot didn't provide the source for this particular information.

  6. Why are people complaining about the 48% because it may mostly be casual games? Does that mean that if the same thing was done for films they shouldn't count low-brow action films or comedy films like the recent Adam Sandler ones? No. They're just games. ENJOY THEM.

  7. If we were to have our own country, I would feel there would be a lot of segregation between PC and consoles, and even between Sony and Microsoft. PC would rule dominant of the country and bully the console gamers.

  8. Didn't seem that surprising. These estimates do include phone, social media and even console gamers after all. It also seems that if you cut out Dota/LoL, Minecraft and a handful of popular MMOs, it still doesn't seem like the gender ratio is anywhere near what this video is suggesting.

  9. So the numbers show that the stereotype of 'gaming is just for under 18 males' is well and truly debunked – but why does it then get continued to circulate? and what could the fact of 1.6 billion people who play video games mean on a greater level? because these people are not all in one nation but all around the globe. Video games come with a certain quality and we learn how to be in life via the qualities around us, so if there are 1.6 billion people all across the globe that game then that quality is everywhere so to speak and it is because we see it in our faces everyday through people on their phones, at home, through advertisements. What is this quality of lifestyle bringing to our societies en mass? when illness and disease is rising and wars have not ceased but carry on and relationship dynamics continue, what does checking out from life and going into a gaming world support worldwide?

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