Sunset Overdrive – E3 2014 Trailer at Microsoft Press Conference

New trailer for Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive at the 2014 Microsoft Press Conference.

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  1. It seems like a good mix of dead rising, and the jet set radio series. I'm a playstation person, but this seems like something i would spend tons on.

  2. get this when a company gets a exclusive. depending on what that company is involve with. since its microsoft it will be on console and some times pc and no ps4. look at dino crisis 3. exclusive to original xbox. not pc or ps2 at its time. there be a chance for a pc release and this is made by insomniac games.

  3. I'm I the only one who think both Playstation and Xbox have amazing titles? This so called "console war" is nothing but ignorant kids braging about their new systems. Grow up! What people should hate is greedy companies like EA, putting a price tag on everything these days, while good guys like Rockstar gives out content for free, time after time. Power to the gamer. 

  4. When did Insomiac Games, make games for Microsoft. Why can´t MS and Sony never be friend. Insomniac is popular because of the Rachet and Clank series and Resistance. I still hope i can get my hands on, if it´s coming later to PS4 or PC.
    PC is more the hope for. Because the game is workout in Microsoft studios. Later when the prices get a bit lower i´m gonna get the xbox one to if it´s gonna happen. I still want to get my hands on with Halo 5 and anniversary. I like playing a lot of halo. But both consoles are my thing. but now the prices are getting to high, so i need to wait.

  5. InFAMOUS second son is better than Sunset Overdrive. InFAMOUS second son has more sunset than Sunset Overdrive. this is a cartoony, ugly and stupid version of infamous second son. its suck its not on ps4. it is it will be funner than xbox one. this game is a total rip off. microsoft sucks. funny part both infamous second son and sunset overdrive took place in west usa

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